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  1. I've been rewatching some of the old seasons. Then today an episode of Little House came on, the one where Nellie marries Percival. She had a huge pink bow on the back of her hair that Esme would just love.
  2. Then you'd love this: The Gallery of Regrettable Food https://www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/
  3. This is also why it's a good idea to use just one pharmacy, because they should catch contraindications. Although it's more difficult to do that now with medicine costs and shopping for the best price. I had a family member who used different doctors to double up on sleeping meds, so she could use it to nap during the day, and still sleep at night.
  4. It's probably been mentioned, but the Pronamel commercial with the female dentist who can't pronounce "enamel." She says "namel" like " camel. Several times. Raise your hand if you believe she is a real dentist.
  5. Saw a Hanes men's underwear commercial this morning that is absolutely vile. Chatter about keeping things "separated" then the guy is on a bull, holding on to what I suppose is supposed to be the saddle horn. Only it's not the saddle horn, it's his own "horn." Just so crude I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  6. Not finishing is for sure a problem, but Damien didn't follow directions because he didn't know the techniques. IMO, that is worse in a competition like this where technique is vital. But someone who works like Farie just isn't a good fit for a competition show. Running at her own pace, I'll bet she could produce great looking items. The missing zipper guard seemed very scripted to me. I didn't like Rebecca's Dior look at all. Nothing about it said Dior, especially the floral fabric mixed with a solid. It wasn't well made either, which was surprising.
  7. I've not watched from episode 15 on, mostly because the character of Bonnie ruins the show for me. A perfect ending would be the other characters telling her to her face they were sick of her abuse and total lack of personal growth, and all leaving her behind on her own. Early on in this show, I'd hoped for a decent portrayal of recovery and growth for the characters. Bonnie's character hasn't grown at all, and her treatment of the rest of the characters is horrible and not funny. It's played for laughs, and turned the show into just another stupid sitcom.
  8. Purple phone, ok. Grape candy tastes like dimetap. (Kids cold medicine)
  9. I had to stop watching TC because of the background music. If I turn it down to where I can stand it, I can't hear/understand the dialog. Please tell me I'm not the only one. It's very disappointing.
  10. I have not watched any of the last season, but the Vanessa character has always been horrible in my opinion. It's surprising that the actress was willing to say some of the lines they gave her. The worst was the episode about the Hilary election, when she said she would vote for a woman just because she was a woman. I realize there are those who would share that opinion, but it didn't match the character at all. She was highly educated, carried how many college degrees etc. and wouldn't have approached that decision with no logic or world-view to base her decision on, simply using gende
  11. I don't mind the commercials, but the stuff itself is horrid.
  12. I love my treadmill, and try to get a 30 minute walk in every day. That said, when the grandkids are here, we take the safety plug out of it, so it won't run. I know adults who've been hurt on them because they weren't using that safety cord, my husband for one. Letting kids mess around on them unsupervised is a bad and dangerous idea.
  13. We crack up at this commercial. The grandson's were here and we had ice cream..."sprinkles!" had them rolling. It's fun.
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