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  1. Not blamed on her fully, but it's not like they are strangers. She knows both George and his wife, and their children. Which makes her behavior horrible. As the scene was written, she was the one leading the way. But at the end of the day, he is responsible for his behavior as well. But her behavior doesn't get a pass either. Unhappy people+drinking=bad decisions. Every single time.
  2. The entire premise of Reba was the reason we never watched it. I can't stand Melissa Peterman, and won't watch any show in which she has more than a passing part. Infidelity shouldn't be fodder for entertainment.
  3. Did Maggie put icing rosettes on her bread? What were those little blue things? I like Maggie, but she is out of her depth I believe. I turned sub-titles off, then back on later because I can't understand Lizzie, at all. She still strikes me of a made-up character, but her bakes have been ok. I wonder what she would do if there was no Noel to chatter with. Bread baby needs to never be seen again. That was horrible and disturbing. I love Jürgen, but oy, that was like a fever dream. Where are the supportive hosts? I'd love to know what behind the scenes producer is telling Noel &a
  4. Gah...I sure hope they don't go down the infidelity road. Lonely women who zero in on middle aged husbands who don't talk to their wives about their frustrations are the worst of women. She's been thru her own crappy failed marriage, with all the heartache that comes with it, yet deems it ok to heap that damage on another women, who she also knows and has spent time with. These are the worst of women. George is a coward who won't bring up the difficult discussion with his own wife about his frustrations and ego issues that come to all men during his stage of life. Mary is a wife and mothe
  5. Can't Bob have his own chair? That couch was hideous, but mostly just terribly uncomfortable. What kind of couple picks out furniture by only one of the spouses preferences? If it wasn't for Tunde and Olu, this show wouldn't be worth the 22 minutes it takes to watch it. Is Christina pregnant? She was actually tolerable in these episodes. I usually can't stand the character. Abishola looks a tad thinner to me. Not a lot, but a bit.
  6. It does seem a bit of an act. But I thought Candice was aiming for a job in front of the cameras too. Her baking in 4 inch heels was weird to me. Who does that?
  7. I loved Noel his first 2 seasons, and I liked him and Sandy together for the most part. He was more encouraging then I think. Now he just seems to wander around and talk talk talk. Love Matt, but not here. He looks lost and out of his element. Something about Lizzie rubs me wrong, I hope she goes home soon. Watching HP instead of doing a practice showstopper seems disrespectful and arrogant. Some of the charm has gone out of the show I think. Bakes like the showstopper on this episode are why. I want to see them bake stuff that home bakers want to try and do. Fancy unusual stuf
  8. Speaking of the "vocal fry" thing...I've watching a Documentary series on Netflix called Myths & Monsters, and one of the speakers is a Diane Purkiss, a Fellow and Tutor of English at Keble College, Oxford. She specialises in Renaissance and women's literature, witchcraft and the English Civil War. She has a very odd accent along with an extreme vocal fry that makes me wince every time she speaks. I can't imagine listening to an entire lecture of hers.
  9. Yep, but they wear the same clothes. I think they did that on the Sewing Bee also.
  10. I thought the Billy Ray Cyrus skit was hysterical. He was so popular in 1992.
  11. Loved the opening bit. I think Paul H has really loosened up as time has gone on. Was mildly surprised that the young vegan gal Freya did so well. It will be interesting to see how she does...vegan baking has to be difficult, especially considering all the types of stuff they do on the show. She reminds me of the character of Dalia in the show Suburgatory the way she does the "vocal burn" thing at the ends of her sentences. I keep expecting her to say "Mummy..." Love the German gentleman, was sad no one answered his phone call about being Star Baker. Liked all the bakers pretty much,
  12. I just found this show, and have watched the first 2 episodes from season 1. At the end of epi 2, when the person was chosen to leave, they were all crying like they'd just buried a family member. It was weird. They were hugging and sobbing...I just didn't get it. I adore the Baking Show, and the Sewing Bee. But so far, this one is just trying way too hard.
  13. Gah, the current Groupon commercial with the gigantic hands. There is something so off putting about it. It's in the same vein as the one with John Goodman's face on a finger.
  14. Loved the brand for years. Bought a chair last year from there, should have returned it, it's garbage. Nothing like it used to be.
  15. They are trying to distract from their terrible sandwiches.
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