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S19.E03: Amazing Grace

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Sig buries his beloved mother and the last of his family's pioneering generation. Sean Dwyer joins forces with Rick Shelford but the two captains don't see eye to eye on rules. Jacob fights back on the Wizard and finds no safe harbor from Captain Keith.

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Couldn't help but feel for the family - not just having the cameras there but having to shoot around Edgar and all that would be a reminder of.

Sean was right to walk away.  His "co captain" was not a serious or safe person to work with.

The guy was too busy posing for the cameras to realize he was putting a gigantic Coast Guard target on his back for the rest of his career. Good luck with that.

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The new caption is an unsafe douchenozzle. The boat is a filthy mess and the pots aren't ready. And the Coast Guard rules aren't recommendations pal. I hope the Coast Guard go over his boat with a fine tooth comb. I gather he's going to be a regular on the series now?  🤦‍♀️

As much as I hate Harley, the way he fixed up that mangled pot to ruin the nets of the draggers was fabulous. And got the desired results. I wonder why they aren't calling the Coast Guard about these boats? 

And Keith being Keith again. Ugh. Why anyone would want to work for him is a mystery. He's as volatile as Jake. Both have anger management issues. 

So sad about Sigs mom. Really sucks he didn't get back in time to say goodbye. 

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Jacob's got the work ethic but he has no tolerance for blowhards. I said this last week, but guys like Keith will find it increasingly difficult to find and retain younger, competent crew members. That generation won't put up with abuse. And in 2023, it's not like skilled crews grow on trees. So unless Kieth wants to only pick from the "recovering addict" and "ex-con" talent pools to keep his deck staffed he might need to seek anger management counseling.

Sean definitely needed to walk. The Aleutian Lady's crew and captain didn't seem to be a professional working vessel. But that boat's name sounds really familiar. Wasn't that one of the DC Chase boats for a while? Maybe they made their money hauling camera crews for so long they've let their fishing skills lapse? Or am I thinking of another vessel? Regardless, that was a lackadaisical crew and a captain looking for a bad reputation.

Count me amongst the others who are wondering why the Wizard and T.B. haven't been coordinating with the USCG in intercepting those trawlers. Especially if they suspect they're Russian, or perhaps Chinese factory ships. But here's the thing: those big ships act with impunity and obviously don't play by the laws of the sea. Messing with people like that is a very good way to end up with your boat burned to the waterline in the middle of the night or the crew wiped out and thrown into the sea. With millions or tens of millions of dollars at stake, that's not a far stretch. Keith's little stunt might have cost them $100,000 in profits. Do that enough times and certain people would become Very Angry. So yeah, why aren't there USCG planes in the sky and ships near the fishing fleet? I'm definitely smelling a Disco-scented rat.

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You may be thinking of the Aleutian Ballad, the boat that took the horrific rogue wave in Season 2. It now runs excursions out of Ketchikan (highly recommend!) and at one point was captained by Derrick Ray, the guy who tried to teach Josh and Jake how to fish and got abused and fired for thinking they were actually trying to fish instead of do a tv show. Not sure if he's still with the Aleutian Ballad.

It's a great tour if you're up there. They run the video of the rogue wave on a loop in the galley, which is kind of eerie/cool, and on deck they tell stories and show you the local nature, how to haul a pot, etc. My mom had zero interest in Deadliest Catch but enjoyed the outing.

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