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S01.E18: In The Bag

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The 7-4’s investigation into a violent home invasion leads them to question one of their own. Also, Morales contends with a situation at her son’s school, and Haywood is forced to confront her father’s past.

Airdate: 04/16/2023

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I really thought Regina was going to tank the whole thing by showing up with the witness, and be called on "interfering".

This episode was not my favorite. I am bored by Regina's angst about her absent daddy, and I didn't like the storyline about Oh Woe! Cops Have So Much Prejudice Against Them! 

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59 minutes ago, possibilities said:

I really thought Regina was going to tank the whole thing by showing up with the witness, and be called on "interfering".

Yes, and she should have. 
But I still thought this was the best episode of the series. 
No romantic soap opera crap. 

And wow. That fake cop really was just Looney Tunes. 

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1 hour ago, SnazzyDaisy said:

Is Angela supposed to be around the same age as Regina? Maurice was sleeping with an underage prostitute back then??! 

Something doesn’t add up. 🤔

The actress who played Angela is Racquel Palmer, who is 37. Generally actors are cast to play within 10 years of their real age, so I guess we’re supposed to accept that she’s 47, since the murder happened 26 years ago, which would make her 19 in the photo from that date.   
But usually actors play younger than they are, not older, and a former prostitute would presumably look older than their real age. 
I guess they went with younger casting so she could resemble the person in a 26-year-old photo?

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2 hours ago, EtheltoTillie said:

My favorite scene was when they picked up the kid at school with the siren. 

But IRL it would've made news on TikTok that the kid and his mom were arrested.
That supposedly joyful scene didn't ring true for me.

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i think that the scene was painted to show all the very untriggered kids getting a kick at seeing a "real live police car!!" and the teacher looking shocked. Dunno if the teacher was supposed to be shocked at the chutzpah of the cops or the glee of the kids, but the expression on her face was great.

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I mean its NYC, I don't think seeing a police car is such an event?  Getting a ride in, OK, but it seems to have missed the mark there. Agreed this was not great writing, but at least there wasn't too much Smits.  And yeah, Regina totally interfered, tracked down the grand jury witness, talked to her, and accompanied her.  

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