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The aftermath of a catastrophic plane crash unearths a new consequence of the Power. The veil of political secrecy and misinformation is shattered, and the world as we know it will never be the same.

Premiere Date: March 30, 2023     Prime Video    

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This episode was really powerful (pun intended), especially the mayor's speech at the end. I'm sure some viewers will hate the "woke" messaging, but it was poignant and relevant. As a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, I wish we had the power--in whatever form needed, not necessarily physical--to protect ourselves and fight back against ignorance, hate, abuse, and oppression.

I also related painfully to the mayor's interactions with her daughter. Although Jos is also prickly toward her father, in general she gives him less crap than she gives her mother, and that is often the pattern with teenage daughters and their parents. It's so difficult as a mother to feel rejected by your child no matter how much you try to reach her and say and show that you love her. My relationship with my daughter got much better once she was no longer living at home, but even in her 30s and with a child of her own, she reverts to that teenage sulky attitude when she comes home to visit for more than a couple of days. 

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Very interesting! I like the fact that it can be transmitted to older women; it makes the thing even bigger. I'm no surprised the first reaction was fear, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I'm afraid things will get more extreme for a while.  Since we don't know how powerful they really are, it's difficult to guess if the girls would be able to fight against the police or the army.

Now, the show isn't perfect( that convent was weird as fuck and some things don't feel natural, for example),  but it could be way worse and I really love the premise. I'm in.  


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