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S29: Missy Payne

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Owner of a Competitive Cheerleading Gym


Relationship to Significant Castaway: Baylor Wilson’s mother


Pet Peeves: People who conform to a standard without knowing the facts, people who play the victim, snoring, poor hygiene, bad teeth, infidelity, valet parking in the Highland Park village.


Official CBS Bio

Another contestant that will be peeved often.  I also get 'stage mom' vibes.

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I've been divorced once, and it was a Significant Life Experience.  I can't imagine being married and divorced three times.  It speaks to a very real lack of judgement.    Once is "whoops", three is "why do you keep doing this?"

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And now I'm coming here to eat my hat because if she feels so responsible for her daughter's wellbeing [you want more rice? of course, honey, here you go - still not enough, wait, I'll pour it all for you] [poor thingy, that old man was nasty to you, don't worry baby, we'll be nasty to his daughter, thatr'll teach him], she should not be on Survivor and if she has no qualms voting someone else's baby, I hope her's sees her torchlight snuffed sooner that later - followed by her mom's, because of course she cannot survive on losers' logde without her. Plus I didn't like Baylor's comment about her mother's likely 4th marriage looming. No respect from the daughter, no game play from the mom, I now really dislike that pair. 

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I'm glad Missy got to eat this episode.


She's a strange player in that her antics are propelling Baylor further in the game while at the same time damaging her own chances at winning. She's rubbed a few people the wrong way already and I can't see her winning a popularity vote of any of the remaining players at a Final TC.

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Her last name makes me laugh now.


I rolled my ankle about that badly once. Three days later I put a brace on it and limped through an entire marathon. Fortunately I was able to ice it and stay off of it which is probably not an option on Survivor.

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From her interview at http://cartermatt.com/144791/survivor-san-juan-del-sur-interview-missy-payne-perception-decisions-injury/




CarterMatt – First of all, how does it feel to be able to actually discuss the game now?

Missy Payne – It is a huge weight taken off my shoulders, which is great because I’m not very good at lying or keeping secrets, as we all know because I was portrayed as super-loyal. With all of my friends asking so many questions, it’s nice now to be like ‘okay, let’s talk about it.’

Oh Missy. I'm sure Jon and Jeremy would disagree with about you being "super-loyal".


She does add later on in the interview that she wasn't as close to Jeremy because she thought he was playing everybody, but still. I don't know if I would describe her game as "super-loyal". I think she should get off of that soapbox.

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