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  1. Lord I hope so. What would be the next frontier be, though? They could address the fate of Dan Dreiburg, of course, but they'd need something bigger. Certainly if what's happened on Europa gets discovered by various governments (The US but also Russia, China, India) that could precipitate some conflict.
  2. I think you expressed it quite well and I appreciate that particular outlook as it's not something I'd have looked for otherwise. I don't know if the show had that in mind or plans to dive into that topic, but I for one appreciate that particular insight. Wish I could mark the previous reply as both 'Useful' AND 'Liked'
  3. In Judaism do they approach the Genesis story differently? Or is this moreso a thought that this was a situation of a perceived Christian family trying to knowingly brainwash a Jewish child into their faith?
  4. She looked very glam in the red dress, but I think I found Kirishma more attractive in-game (when she wasn't being a downer). The names that came to mind with the "sleep groping" was Ted/Ghandia back in Thailand and Ted was all "I don't even like you" when they argued about the unwanted behaviour. Ghandia got voted out heavily, perhaps supporting the narrative that the woman in the situation is the 'troublemaker'. Between that and the Sue/Richard situation and All-Stars, and what's happened this season, I guess the show's trying to be more aware and mindful, although it seems there's stil
  5. I think there's a lot of truth in a lot of what Bryce Lynch said, because this situation in the "real world" would have been cut and dry... but in Survivor they're all trying to win a million bucks and we see that strategy, scheming, etc., outweighed the very real issue of inappropriate behaviour in this case. Of course each individual may react differently in the same situation. It's bewildering. People trying to be the Robin to Tommy's Batman or something. And it's not like Tommy has shown himself to be a master strategist even within his alliance. It would seem to be in th
  6. Feel for Pops, but yes Ruby is right. Seriously though, how Lynette could up-and-leave like that is insane. Devante's hair is crazy. Like wow. Okay, Nicole Sullivan's character and Charlie is the hookup I never thought I wanted but think I need to see happen. That quip from Charlie was funny.
  7. Another tie in with the Ozymandias character as Veidt envisioned himself as Alexander the Great?
  8. I suspect, not to put words in anyone's mouth, that it's more of the OP wondering what would happen if in the show, Chloe gets seen as the bad guy, as opposed to the truth that Brendan was being a (dangerous) jackass. Perhaps the old slut-shaming routine. I suppose if S2 happens they could create conflict if say Brendan keeps trying to get back with her.
  9. Wow, I saw it coming but that was some sexy stuff there.
  10. This almost always happens at this challenge at this point in the game. I know there have been one or two castaways who strategized for this and were willing to split their alliance (or give up their spot!) but for whatever reason most players just pick their buddies without a second thought and get other people ticked off. This would have been a good time for Tommy to have given up his spot to a Noura or Kirishma. For real. Would hate for the next episode to lead off with Janet having to be medivac'ed. It looked like a pretty big cut.
  11. Yep put me in for Dean having a man-crush on Tommy. Oddly enough it seems like a few castaways have similar thoughts about the guy. We've come a long way, both in game and in (some parts of) society when Elaine was revealed to have a girlfriend and it's not a big deal whatsoever. Whatever the show says about Kirishma and sucking at challenges, let it be known that she easily outlasted Dean AND Tommy at this particular IC. Noura is nuts. The collection of loved ones would seem to be a far more enjoyable group of castaways than the group currently playing.
  12. I think I want to watch the Sister Night video,... just sayin'. There were a couple other VHS tapes in the carousel, one of them appeared to be an Easter egg?
  13. That would have made sense. Karishma votes Janet, which means Elizabeth voted Kirishma and one of the majority "alliance" members voted Elizabeth. The alternate would have been Elizabeth voting Janet, Karishma voting Elizabeth and everyone else voting for Karishma, which wouldn't seem to make sense considering Karishma was leaning towards playing her idol in the first place. Then again Karishma isn't the smartest tool in the shed. Lauren had a solid gameplay episode but for whatever reason didn't plan ahead and would up panic-burning her idol. Why her majority "alliance" didn't plan
  14. There was a meme going around that had Deon Cole mixed up with Lionel Richie and that was way more realistic than the Steadman Graham thing. But hey.
  15. I found it really hard to tell from the episode. Will didn't seem "into it" during the sex scene or the in-bed dialogue, I'd have guessed he saw the whole thing as a means-to-an-end with regard to getting assistance. Even when their hands touched when Garner slid the business card over, I didn't see anything that suggested intimacy. On the flip side I don't think we saw him emote desire when laying with his wife either. Maybe Angela will ask him in a later episode although I suspect it's not particularly relevant to the plot at this time.
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