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S29: Keith Nale

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From the episode thread, but it relates to Keith:



And now he's got protection in case Jeremy decides to gun for him some more. So much for firefighter solidarity.


Jeremy wasn't gunning for Keith until Keith decided to put a target on Jeremy's back by claiming Jeremy had an idol.  I think Jeremy would have stuck with Keith but Keith decided (based on his inability to read the idol clue because he initially looked in the wrong place) that Jeremy must have found the idol and that the thing to do is tell other people Jeremy has it.  Keith has now put a target on his own back by showing himself to be an untrustworthy alliance mate who doesn't really understand the game.

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So there are no people like Josh in Louisiana?  I guess Keith has never visited New Orleans.


Hehe.  Shreveport is probably closer, culturally (and definitely geographically), to East Texas than to New Orleans.  But yeah, that was definitely worth a chuckle.  Oh, Keith.  I will say that I was impressed by how agile he was in the water during the immunity challenge in this latest episode.  He wasn't the strongest swimmer on his tribe, but he was solid.

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Okay, Final Five. Short of winning Immunity, is there any way for Keith to survive the next vote?


Not unless Natalie (a) also doesn't win II and (b) feels safe enough to not worry about playing her idol. If the rest of the players had any situational awareness whatsoever, they'd realize there's no way in hell anyone is beating Natalie at FTC. IMHO engineering a successful Natalie blindside would be the biggest game move of the season, hands down.

And for some reason, I have a funny feeling the only person who could successfully pull it off would be Baylor....

Equally as importantly, can we go an episode without Keith spitting somewhere?

Now you're just being silly. Of course not! :D

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I watched the interview with Wes, Reed, and Alec on CBS and it sounds like Keith chews. I couldn't tell for sure but it sounded like he was chewing while they were playing. Either that or he is so used to spitting because he chews that it is a habit.

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I'm curious how many times a day Keith actually spits.  The crew seems to manage catching just about every spit.  I figure he chews but I find it really hard to believe that he's allowed tobacco out there but that he's just in the habit of spitting and so does it even without the chew.  He probably doesn't even realize he does it.  I do wonder if the number of times he spits has lessened since the start of the game.  He's already gone through all of his nicotine withdrawals and nicotine is out of his system.  After that point, it's just a matter of breaking the physical habit.  

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