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S02.E11: Metamorphosis

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Well, whaddya know. It's a Zillo Beast. Never thought I'd ever see that again. Also, that doctor is creepy. And unsurprising Lama Su is all set to throw Nala Se under the bus. But dude, do you really think you're going to be let go? HAhaha. You're an idiot. That being said sure as heck don't need them looking for Omega. I'd rather they not go back to that story of trying to grab Omega, but I would like to see more about Nala Se. Weirdly the episode felt disjointed but it was good to pick up that thread from the last episode of last season.

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There are words that I misspell all the time. Zillo seems like it should have a -w. But it doesn't and I fixed it.
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I'd be happy to see Fennec Shand and/or Cad Bane again. I've also been wondering about Boba Fett. When last we saw him in Clone Wars, he was not yet a full-fledged bounty hunter, but was well on his way. Could the Omega bounty hunt lead young Boba to discover his younger "sister," the only other clone (of which we are aware) who ages normally? I think it's a pretty fair assumption that their paths will cross at some point. It's a question of when.

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I just haven't been able to get into this season with no over-arching storyline.  One off after one off gets a little boring.  At least now it seems there will be an Omega hunt that can last a few episodes.

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