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S02.E02: From Upshott With Love

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 Jackson Lamb arriving to see Nikolai but his façade about working on behalf of Demetrio is shattered completely when Nikolai points out that he made the guy up. “What do you want Jackson Lamb?” He eventually says.

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Now Slough House is in the game, with a budget.

River is moved to have a real spy assignment.

Min bit off more than he could handle.

Interesting to see him follow the taxi on bike, guess it's a big deal to shoot in the streets of London like that.  But for what end?  Those Russians were shady so he was going to handle it by himself?

I guess these spies, they ultimately want to get back to the Park and resume their spy careers but for the moment, River and Min are loving being immersed in the game again.

Slovenly Lamb is more guileful than appearances would suggest.  Well that was established in season 1.

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Min is so shitty at his job (and nowhere good enough for Louisa, either) that it’s painful to watch. But I know I’m not going to be lucky enough for this to be the end of him on my tv. Nor will I be lucky enough to see the downfall of Spider or Taverner. Hopefully Min’s incompetence will be balanced out by more of River and Jackson being highly competent; Shirley, Roddy, and Catherine being really good; and Luisa being good (Marcus unknown yet). 

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