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S22.E20: Live Top 10 Performances

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It's fan week; the top 10 artists perform songs selected by the fans in front of coaches Camila Cabello, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for their chance at a spot in the top 8.

Airs Monday, November 28 at 8:00pm eastern on NBC

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Parijita - Sounded mostly very good, though there were spots where she sounded off

Rowan - Quite good, really beautiful

Justin - Pretty good, though maybe a little yelly in places

Brayden - Good vocals though performance was nothing special

Kim - Very good

Bryce - Good vocals though performance was nothing special

Kique - Pretty good. Just as I was thinking the prerecording was probably due to Covid, he confirmed it. Hope he gets well soon

Morgan - Very good

Bodie - Pretty good, though I didn’t really care for the rap parts

Omar - Pretty good

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I thought Rowan and Kique were the weakest and are probably out. I like Rowan but don’t think that was the best song for her. The judges were understated in their comments, which on this shows means it wasn’t a great review. They rarely ever criticize anyone directly here. 

I liked Bryce and Brayden the best. I think both have wonderful voices and a lot of charisma on stage, effortlessly cool. I also thought Morgan was excellent. She owned the stage. 

I didn’t like Omar’s version of I Want to Know What Love Is, but it’s one of my favorite Foreigner songs so I’m biased. I didn’t think the arrangement was good. Why did they skip the second verse? He was ok but sounded Broadway to me. I like Foreigner’s version so much better. 

I really like Bodie but didn’t like the song choice. 

When I hear Kim I think “great back-up singer.”

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