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S02.E07: Goin' To The Chapel

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Oh shit, Chucky in Mixter’s body!

RIP Jennifer Tilly and Father Bryce, who turned out to be quite the badass. Maybe death was preferable to the mess Tiffany made of her life.

Dammit why didn’t Nica just go with Andy and Kyle once she was finally free?! I don’t blame her for wanting Tiffany dead but oh shit she accidentally shot Glen! Can we please just give the poor woman a break?!

So is that it for Andy and Kyle? At least they’re still alive, but I really wanted Andy and Nica to hook up!

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I actually thought that might have been the series finale there for a minute and was fine with it.   Then we were reminded that Nica can never have a happy ending because well..... "Hatred is a sin that poisons us from the inside."   Plus we haven't dealt with the Doctor Mixter of it all.   

What other franchise can you say "Jennifer Tilly is dead"  and "Devon Sawa has been killed for a third time in two seasons"?

I don't think Father Bryce's blood is going to come out in the wash.   But for a second he was almost likeable there.  

The black and white filter during confession with that little bit of color was a nice touch.

Gotta love those "....For Dummies" books. 

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My guess is that Glen and Glenda's souls will go back into the Glen doll and Tiffany will put hers in the Belle doll Caroline has.  It had the feel of a finale even though there are only 8 episodes this season. 

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This is my current favorite show on TV.  This episode felt like if not a series finale then at least a season finale so can't wait to see what's in store for next week.  Shame they only got 8 episodes this season I hope it gets renewed for a third season they've gotten me really invested in the characters.

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On 11/16/2022 at 10:12 PM, Chaos Theory said:

Then we were reminded that Nica can never have a happy ending because well..... "Hatred is a sin that poisons us from the inside.

I’m not going to judge Nica for trying to kill Tiffany. Aside from maiming her and holding her hostage, Tiffany helped Chucky kill Nica’s family, including Alice, who was a child, so Tiffany had some nerve trying to use her kids as a pass to be spared. How many of her victims had kids?

What I don’t get is why Glen is still loyal to her. At this point, they’re fully aware that she’s a monster and a terrible mother. You’d think they would have been more horrified about Jennifer Tilly’s fate, especially after they tried to help her escape. Glenda may have their parents’ violent streak, but they’ve got more gumption than Glen. Oh wow…wouldn’t it be something if Glen turns out to be the evil half after all?

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