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S01.E08: Episode 8

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I just binged this over the last few days. I hadn't known anything about it beforehand but found it pretty engaging. Looking forward to another season.  Jessica is one of the least likable characters I've ever seen though...I won't miss her when she  eventually gets killed.

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I really enjoyed this show and have been trying to hype it up to friends who like similar themes.  I didn't realize how invested until I spent half the episode shouting 'don't you date kill X" or "just die Z" 🤣 Hope there's a second season, off to buy the book series!

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There were some bright spots, but it started unravelling near the end.
The witches didn't seem very witch-y - - they seemed more like mutants who get powers at a certain age. 

The witch war between the Bloods and the Crips Fairborn made it seem as if this were taking place in some alternate universe: bodies left lying everywhere and no reaction from any news sources.  Law enforcement appeared nonexistent.
This was another one of those shows where money, food and shelter just appear out of thin air as needed.

The surviving threesome, Nathan/Annalise/ Gabriel, seemed very teenaged when they philosophized that the most important thing was "the friends you make along the way" ... minutes after walking away from his dead mentor Ceelia and former classmates who had joined the paramilitary task force. 
I suppose it's better to focus on shagging and slaying instead of your dead mother, dead grandmother and psycho sister...

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