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S01.E10: Sh*t Storm

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I was excited for this show, but it honestly sucked so bad. I was so hungover and had nothing to do so I watched all the episodes basically but I maybe laughed once. The only character who was kind of funny was Connie. I like Melissa Fumero but her Eliza character was not good. I did not see any chemistry between her and Randall Park. I don’t care about them getting together. JB Smoove didn’t work at all as the best friend either. The jokes were just so bad. So disappointing.

I guess I’ll just rewatch B99 lol.

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Yeah I wanted to like this show more but I was worried from the moment I saw they were doing a will-they-or-won't they love storyline. That has been done to death (and better). I wish they spent more time on the actual store and plots about it as none of the characters (except maybe Connie) were very interesting. I think with workplace shows like this, the ones I've enjoyed (The Office, Superstore) have built up the worlds around them with a great group of supporting characters. This show hasn't done that enough and if they had, I think it would've succeeded better.

As far as the cliffhanger, I hated the looting bit at the end and I won't get into the Timmy/Eliza story. If this show gets a second season, they seriously need to fine tune it and abandon the romance plot.

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