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S07.E05: With a Kind Of

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Ralph Angel and Darla find a new place to live so that Hollywood and Violet can get approved as foster parents. Plus, Micah is conflicted about his success, Nova remembers her first love, and Darla receives a threatening call from someone from her past.

Original air date 2022.10.04

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Ok here goes Micah screwing up again, there is no way anyone could make me use my parent's heartache for personal gain, that art crap is bullshit . Ok Darla, tell Ralph Angel and the family what 's happening with you and this asshole guy from your past . Keeping secrets from the family is what landed you in trouble before.  You can't hide from your past , but the love of your family can help if Darla would just trust them. Darla is not strong enough to handle this alone., she is being harrassed and her husband deserves to know it.  

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It's sad the way foster kids get jerked around when they need stability the most.

I really don't understand why an old meme of Charley can be worth so much money. Especially when it's on the internet for free. Micah is fool for letting that NFT guy use him.

Poor Darla.

Oprah playing Vi in the movie? Meh. Regina King would be all over that role. I could see Idris Elba as RA but he might be too old. LaKeith Stanfield would work too if he bulked up a bit. I like Tracy Morgan as Hollywood. Then there's Nova. Miss Nova would probably demand to play herself. I could see Tika Sumpter as her though.

Billie, as the saying goes, sometimes the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else.

Does Darla not know how to block a number on her phone? Why does she keep talking to that guy? Ditto comments upthread, she needs to let RA know what's happening. Or better yet, Nova. Nova could probably handle that guy in a way that wouldn't land her in jail. If he's running for office he's vulnerable to having any of his past dirt exposed and Nova would know how to find it.

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