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S07.E01: And When Great Souls Die

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The family attends a christening for Ralph Angel and Darla’s baby, Tru. Plus, Billie ignores Vince's calls, Prosper asks Sandy on a date, and Micah sees Keke. Finally, Sam Landry delivers shocking news that could threaten the Bordelon land once again.

Original air date 2022.09.06

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Guess the actress who played Charley has moved on. I don't think her name was in the was in the opening credits.

RA's shrimping/fishing. That's different after watching him farm cotton for six seasons

The baby is utterly adorable. You just want to bite those chubby cheeks.

A vegan baby. Ehhh. That seems dangerous to me.

They let us know right away that Micah is over his bi-curiosity.

This new Mo person was checking Nova out hard. Even RA noticed, lol.

Prosper acting shy with Brenda was cute.

Tru Bordelon. Tru and Blue. Seriously?

Sam Landry could've sent a text or an email instead of showing up uninvited to the christening just to gloat. Ugh.

What's Vi threatening to do to stop Sam? He didn't seem to be scared much.

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I already miss Charley, seeing her over Skype isn't the same. I'm glad at least that she's living her best life offscreen instead of constantly suffering onscreen like usual as she runs herself ragged cleaning up everyone's messes. 

Of course the new co-op lady is hot for Nova, everyone loves Nova except for the bad guys. Now her awful book is going to be made into a movie (of course) but at least she's showing the tiniest bit of self awareness in knowing that her book almost tore her family apart. Not enough to apologize of course or admit that she was wrong, but its something. I'm sure that she will end up saying yes and everyone will give her their blessing because the book was "so healing" or some nonsense. At least Rutina has dialed back on her overly performative speaking style. 

I'm not an expert on feeding babies, but I don't know if feeding your baby only vegan food is a good idea unless you know a whole lot about child nutrition. I feel bad for little Tru if she only has a childhood of healthy vegan food to look forward to. Also, it just hit me that Darla and RA named their kids Tru and Blue. Really? 

Nice seeing RA's old lady friend again, glad that she's doing well. I missed seeing Charley and Blue in person, but the ceremony they did for Try was sweet, even if Sam had to party crash like an asshole to explain his latest evil scheme. 

You go Mr. Prosper! 

Seven seasons is a good run for this show, I am alright with it ending (especially with Charley gone) but I am going to still miss it. Especially the way its filmed, it looks so gorgeous, that shot of RA on the boat was breathtaking.

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