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S01.E07: Talking Points

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Amid big personal news, Ingrid takes over planning the firm's diversity gala. Rachel makes a bold move at work and Tyler feels under pressure at home.

streaming date: 8/26/22

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A diversity gala the night before Thanksgiving?  Are they following Hallmark's lead?

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Ingrid continues to be the worst. Why does Netflix always have to start out with strong female characters and then make them completely unlikable for plot points. I’m glad Rachel called her out on her selfishness- she only misses her friends so she can share all her boy dramaz, not caring what’s going on with them. And then whining about an expensive dress you didn’t pay for. You should have bought something yourself, moocher. Just blah. 
At least Rachel and Justin continue to be lovely to watch, and it was nice to hear Tyler sing until he cheated on his boyfriend. More awful drama plot points. You can tell a decent story without using infidelity and lame triangles.

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21 minutes ago, twoods said:

And then whining about an expensive dress you didn’t pay for. You should have bought something yourself, moocher.

On this point, she did tell Nick to just grab one of the dresses she already owns.  He's the one who thought she should wear/deserved a new dress so he bought her one.

But I do agree with everything else.  Although, based on some of the interviews, at least this show runner knows she's not writing her in the most likable way.

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The dress Nick bought Ingrid was unflattering. Asians can wear yellow like anyone else can—it just has to be the right shade of yellow. That awful mustard color was all wrong for Ingrid.

Ingrid gets yet more proof that her law firm pays lip service to diversity and that's it, yet she sticks around. She's being really naive if she thinks becoming a partner will let her change things. Probably only in the most superficial way.

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I think Rachel is being unfair to Ingrid. Ingrid has her flaws, but Rachel is obnoxious overall and doesn’t seem to realize that Ingrid faces challenges that she doesn’t. Just because Ingrid doesn’t want to throw her career away doesn’t make her bad.

But I am enjoying the show. Nice eye candy, I like the outfits, and it moves fast enough.

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