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S01.E01: Material Adverse Change

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I need a light and fluffy show and so far it’s fitting what I need. I like that the lead is a minority female who doesn’t take shit from everyone else, but it’s also realistic with her being second billing because she’s not a white male. 

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I was ambivalent at first but then I started to like it more as the episode wore on and it started to shine a light on how minorities often get overlooked and not because the people in power see themselves as racist but rather because they identify with the projected potential they see in white men whether it's there or not.

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I work in a mid-sized law firm (although I’m in talent acquisition so I’m pretty removed from interacting with attorneys unless it’s about hiring), but from what I know of legal culture it seems pretty accurate even down to the random overeager first year. (My first firm was more of a neighborhood/local firm with <10 employees and no formal HR or tons of structure so I am still in some culture shock haha.) But I am excited I knew what they were talking about when she mentioned M&A and considering going lateral to another firm. 

I’m eager to see what’s going on with the sister who dropped out of college and if she’s any kind of antagonist or just shows up as annoying foil every so often. 

Arden Cho seems to play her part well as someone who has a hard time being taken seriously but is clearly smart and will do what it takes to succeed. And I like Nick and that he didn’t just fall right out of the picture when she originally wasn’t going to go to the ball. 

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It cracks me up that the Brit is named Jeff. Not very posh-sounding, though we don't yet know his background yet. His accent, though, is at least Received Pronunciation. 

I wish Ingrid would call out the associates' bad behavior toward her. Instead she mostly just takes it, especially from the guy who's her main adversary. (Sorry, I don't know the names of everyone yet.)

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