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Marcus, Taryn, And India Epps

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Mr. Epps seems to be above his head. He might as well let the state take over the burned out house in which he owed taxes to, if he's not already planning that. 

Re: Murder

He didn't commit it. 

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It fascinates me that these folks with too many skeletons to fit into their closets choose to go on reality TV shows. You don't have to be a master investigator to find these things; they're on the public record. Starcasm is not exactly Scotland Yard and they have the info.  

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FFS, doesn’t TLC ever vet any of these reality show famewhores? The guy comes on the show, brags about all the women he’s bedded both before and after he married the woman who “gave him her virginity.” He mentions “his” son lives with them which leads me to believe he got at least one other woman pregnant. Now he’s auditioning more women to join his harem including one in particular that he met years ago and presumably had an extramarital fling with. But wait, he’s an elected official in his hometown in Ohio but spends half the year in Florida? 

I wonder when he’s up for re-election because I don’t think airing all this dirty laundry on television is going to win him any votes. 

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5 hours ago, PrincessPurrsALot said:

He is one of several guys on this show that seem to be into polygamy as a way of showing what virile studs they supposedly are.  Meanwhile we watch and recoil in disgust.  He oozes slime. 

Yeah.  He reveals he stole his wife's cookie while also claiming to be banging a friend of Taryn's.  Now he has a 3rd after his small man complex ass?  Well, isn't he special!  🙄  Horndog jackass.

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