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S01.E04: The Mother

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With the baby now in Bobbi’s hands, Natasha must reunite with her mother Barbara, whom she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. While Bobbi discovers an unmatched ability to put the child to sleep, Natasha confronts her family’s fractured history, and Barbara celebrates having children and grandchildren under the same roof.

Airdate: 15 May 2022

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From last episode, I thought the baby teleported himself somewhere.  This episode, it seems like Bobbi snuck inside the apartment and took him?  I don't really get it.  

I didn't get the ending either.  At first, I thought the crazy lady was going to throw the baby into the fire but then it lost me.

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I've been paying much more attention to the baby this episode. Every time they were around Natasha's mother, the baby was extremely fussy, like he was expressing her internal feelings. Interesting.  I like this show!

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I like this show, too, and a lot.  This episode struck me as being a good story, well-told, that had me totally enraptured. 

I thought the baby was going to end up as a solstice sacrifice, too, and I wondered what all those women were feeling about having a male among them.  If this had been the final episode, I'd be gnashing my teeth (what's left of them--old people aren't supposed to get cavities!) and I think the solstice sacrifice would've been a neat way to tie it all up.  But wait--there's more!  Yay!

I think we kind of suspected Mrs. Eaves' history with His Nibs went back farther than we've seen in the story we've been told.

This is a delicious show.

ETA:  I meant to say, too, that  I was sure we were going to see clues among the clay figures Mom was making (and wasn't it great to see one of the Cusacks showing how it's done--once again.  What a family) but we didn't.  Not that clues or "clues" matter all that much to me--I really don't care much about the mysteries of the story; just keep telling it, please.

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