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A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.

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I also like individual threads.  The All Discussion topic was set up before I took over as lead mod and then I was waiting to see how much discussion was going to happen to see if individual episode threads were warranted.  Since this is only an 8 episode run I think it will probably be a binge watch for many people in the future so I set up the first three episodes and moved your comments over to the appropriate threads. 


Anyone can make a thread topic.  If I don't get to the upcoming episodes before you, feel free to set them up.


This thread will now be designated for entire season arcs, etc, not individual episode discussions.

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Speculation: The Haven season premiere just reminded me that "true love is eternal" + scifi can turn really annoying. I hope this show doesn't go there with Jack & Amy.

Edited to add that Jack's alcoholism has hopefully prevented this show from devolving in Twu Wuv drek.

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Who was I meant to root for, Jack? He beat his wife's boss to a bloody pulp just because she asked for a divorce.

Besides Todd Crane, the least unsympathetic character (yes, I'm damning with faint praise) was probably Richard Shepherd—a cold-blooded killer who dresses in black and drives a black car.

Marcus Fox was a moustache-twirling Big Bad, and Madison was annoying. Gary never interacted with anyone but Jack, and they brought out the worst in each other: two sloppy paranoids.

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That's a good question, editorgrrl. None of the characters you mention are clear protagonists.

If there was one character to "root" for it was Jack because he was the one discovering what was going on and if he didn't the audience wasn't going to find out. Yes, his beating up Todd Crane like he did was pretty loathe some. Also, in the end you had to figure Madison was going to survive because we needed the happy ending or that's the way it works most of the time. I don't know how it would be possible to root for Shepard and I only saw Gary as someone who did a lot of work behind the scenes that later allowed Jack to find out a lot at once.

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Great posts. It's really true. All of the characters gave me mixed feelings on some level.  I suppose the cop is a good guy.  I don't think we saw anything from him that would suggest otherwise, though we really haven't seen much of him so there's that.

I did like Jack, but that beating of Crane made me cringe and say "Stop that. What do you think that's going to accomplish?"  It was so dumb though they had established that Jack has an anger issue.  There was a time where he grabbed Amy/Rose by the throat that also made me uncomfortable.

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