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Preaching Evil: A Wife On The Run With Warren Jeffs

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Hidden away from the evils of society, raising their own food, schooling their children, enjoying their polygamist lifestyle and being safe in their faith, this community thought they were living in Utopia. But when their Prophet Rulon Jeffs died and his son Warren Jeffs rose to power, that all changed and became an American horror story. For the first time, the woman who accompanied Warren on his run from the law tells her story, raising questions along the way about whether she was an accomplice to his crimes against children or a victim herself.

Streaming on Peacock

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I watched the first episode, but to see the remaining three I'd have to sign up for "Peacock Premium" at $5.00 per month and I'm not sure it's worth it.  His story is told by a few of his wives, one who was married to his father when she was 18 and he was 84.  She doesn't sound totally deprogrammed yet.

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Naomi really does not seem totally deprogrammed.  She states she doesn't think he belongs in prison.  The more we learn through the episodes, the clearer it becomes that he belongs there and could have been convicted of many more crimes than he was.  He is a very disturbed man with clear criminal intent, who like many abusers, finds ways he believes he can justify his behaviors and beliefs.  In his case, he does this through his religion. 

In the first episode there is an almost throw away line that it was known that he was sexually assaulting children at the school.  There is no follow up on that.  It is left with the school was staffed primarily with FLDS people.  It is really disturbing when you see how many horrible things he did and got away with. 

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2 minutes ago, Razzberry said:

IIRC, the whole Hilldale/Short Creek city is, or was, run by FDLS, including the police, city council, and schools.  

I am pretty certain it was.  It is just horrifying to see that it was allowed to happen.  

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I read the book written by Elissa Wall, who is the girl that was forcibly married to her cousin. It was harrowing stuff. The documentary said that her father wanted her to marry her cousin and Warren was just deferring to her parents which is not true. Her father had basically been whatever the FDLS version of excommunicated was and had no power to stop it. I think her mother was shifted to one of the Jeff males and he approved it but Warren was pushing for it. And he was a lot more involved than Naomi made it sound and Elissa told him repeatedly that she was being forced to have sex (she didn't even have the language to describe her rape because she was so sheltered) and his answer was always along the lines of 'be sweeter'. Naomi is a pretty unreliable narrator.

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That is good information.  Naomi was very biased.  The other folks being interviewed had a much better perspective in just how horrific things were.  Jeffs eventually marries a 12 year old girl who looked like she not yet started puberty.  Naomi could say how young she seemed but wouldn't call that child sexual assault.  She was uncomfortable with the orgies and said she did not like to participate but still couldn't say it was horrible to force his wives to take part in these.  Even when she talked about asking the police to arrest her instead of him, she doesn't seem to understand how brainwashed she was/still is to have even proposed that. 

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On 5/7/2022 at 6:00 PM, MsJamieDornan said:

And that was Naomie's own sister. I'm disgusted.

I just couldn't believe how Naomie was still trying to explain it away as her sister always wanted to marry Warren so it was okay.  She couldn't acknowledge that at 12, her sister couldn't make that decision and didn't know what she would be getting into at that age.  I was so disgusted.  

The last two episodes were the worst for me listening to Naomie.  She really does not get it.  I kept thinking at any point she'll turn this around and acknowledge where she messed up but nope.  She only seemed to want out when negative things happened to her.  When it was happening to everyone else, she didn't care.  

I did like the other narrators and was happy to hear their stories.  I was so glad Vickie got out and got her kids.  I forgot the other lady's name who was a granddaughter of Rulen but I felt so bad for her that she couldn't get her older kids out of there.  I can't imagine how difficult that must've been and still is for her.  

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