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S01.E03: Quitting is Not an Option

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I like this show more and more with each episode.  I wouldn't mind if it got a season 2, though that's probably doubtful.  My heart broke for Jodie.  That was all sorts of amazing for her to accomplish that swimming challenge.  I do think the challenges on here are kind of cool.  I guess I haven't been paying close enough attention because I didn't realize Eboni hasn't won anything yet.  

Colton still annoys me, but surprisingly I enjoy the rest of the cast.  Some I had heard of and were rooting for, but even the ones I wasn't familiar with I've gotten onboard with.   I did like the Survivor-esque feeling of hearing people complain about sleeping conditions and eating worms.  

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I am still amazed that a women as celebrated for her beauty like Paulina has resisted the pressure to go under the knife.  She is still a beautiful woman, but she looks her age and not like someone inflated her face.  

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14 hours ago, SouthernChick said:

Good show. I might be in the minority, but I like Colton.

I had never seen anything Colton was in before. So just based on what I see here, I like him. Know what it's like to have a gay man date you for the sole purpose of convincing himself he's not gay. Not easy for anyone involved. 

Nice speech Ray made at the end. Makes the preview for next week a head scratcher.

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Paulina was the only contestant I had heard of and I like her.  I have come to like the female country singer and the army guy.

Ebonie is pretty unbearable; the announcer is completely unbearable; there are too many personal confessionals; and though it wasn't as bad in this episode, there is still too much god-bothering for me.

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