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S02.E02: Mayor Daddy

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Mikaela learns that her award for flattening the homelessness curve is based on a lie; Neil's excitement about the I-Team causes his original staff to act out like children, so he attempts to appease them.

Airs 3/22.

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Guest Stars
Yedoye Travis as  James Aniobi
Betsy Sodaro as Teri
Jennifer DeFilippo as Valerie
Heidi Méndez as Sofía
Ray Reynaga as Luis
Roy Lee Jones as Nelson
Prague Robert as Dan
Paloma Rabinov as Harper
Garrett Bales as Noah
Sean Sekino as Milo
Elena Chin as Kathy


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I really liked Mikaela's proud walk with her award. Is James and the I-Team going to be a permanent thing? It looks like they are setting James up to be Mikaela's shipmate.

I loved the full binder for the guy who wanted to date his mother. I wish we had gotten to the puppet proposal.

I wondered if Niel calling Arpi Orly was a joke or just a real mistake by Mr. Danson.

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3 hours ago, appositival said:

I wondered if Niel calling Arpi Orly was a joke or just a real mistake by Mr. Danson.

It was a joke. The whole episode was about the team acting like kids, and it was inevitable their behavior would remind Neil of his own kid.

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I would have watched at least three more pitches, I want to know what that guy with the puppets had to say. I am glad to have this show back, its as much fun as always to me. I love that Jaden started his pitch as his usual nonsense but it was actually a real actual good idea. Then lizards...

"Its a rough subject, a network sitcom probably shouldn't go there."

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I like that they are continuing to nudge Mikaela toward actually being a public servant with Arpi as a harsh but real mentor.  And I was so relieved to see Jayden get a win, however short lived.

I'm surprised there wasn't more Arpi rage directed at golf courses.

I wonder if they'll revisit Teri the homeless woman.

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