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Total Doiche: Best and Worse Seasons

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Ok worst was Emma’s season. So flipping terrible. None of those people were cast for cooking abilities. 

My fav I think, despite creepy ice cream Ben and Tamara nearly ruining it was S9. I really liked Diana, Karlie, Sarah T, Arum (who was one of the few meat and two veg blokes who didn’t irritate me). It helped that one of my favourites won. I think for most seasons my opinion of it gets really influenced by how I feel about the winner, I liked S11 a lot with Tessa, Simon and Nicole but Larissa winning soured it for me.

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6 hours ago, dippydee said:

Ok worst was Emma’s season. So flipping terrible. None of those people were cast for cooking abilities. 

Couldn't agree more!  I still get some sort of facial tics thinking about what an absolutely undeserving winner she was.

Favourite seasons - I really enjoyed S2 because I liked both Callum AND Adam for different reasons, but the right person won.  Then I'd say the season when Elena won, and I also loved S11 until Larissa ruined it for me. 

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S5 is the worst one for sure and the only season I couldn't bare to watch until the end. I'm also not a fan of the odd and mean-spirited S1 (the only saving grace for me was the fact that Poh was there). 

S9 is the first season I watched in its entirety and it's still my favourite overall. Almost the whole top 10 consisted of people I liked and enjoyed to watch (I even liked Creepy Ice Cream Ben at the time). I also like S8 and S11 (minus the wrong winner), and I loved S10 until Ben B. completely ruined it for me. 

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9 hours ago, katisha said:

Then I'd say the season when Elena won

I liked that one too. I remember being genuinely surprised when Elena won. I thought Matt had it in the bag since they were still alternating back then. 


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I have been going through the seasons (on Tubi) from Season 1 and am on Season 9. 

First, I'm glad they stopped the bit of them voting each other off from Season 1 and that they dropped the Masterclass episodes. 

I ended up not finishing one season, because it was all team challenges which I am not a fan of either. 

I also don't really care for the Immunity Challenges. It is rare that the amateur cook can beat a professional and I don't buy that the judges can't tell which one cooked what in their "blind" tasting.

I love the Mystery Box challenges and the Invention tests.

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Shawn is the worst contestant on the competition I have ever seen , dude is nothing but cook book wannabe chef , it's ashame someone like that can win considering his shallow mind , and God-Complex. I mean to learn from Gordon Ramsay would be all I need , but they don't let people like me compete, too many years in a kitchen ..I just don't get how he won and actually it pissed me off the way he looks down at people , yeah a nice humbling slap in the face might do him some good . 

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