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  1. dippydee

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Damn it. I only just recently got into the show (binged 4 seasons in 3weeks) and that’s a hell of an ending. I have absolutely no idea where they plan to take it next year. Quentin wasnt my favourite character but he was the heart and glue of the group (and show). I’m glad to see Margo and Eliot together again, those two are best bouncing off each other. I think I missed something though, how did Josh end up in Fillory? When is Julia going to get some agency over her own body? They always find some way to take her choices away. It is nice they let her have a proper goodbye. The Julia/Quentin friendship was one of my favourite parts of the show. It was such a rare platonic M/F friendship and they were so good together. I’m glad she has some magic (and I loved her mirroring Q’s card trick) now but it seems like she’s been too much to just have normal magic at this point.
  2. dippydee

    S04.E11: Séance & Sensibility

    First up, Tala has a lovely singing voice. Also Zari has more chemistry with Kamadeva than Nate (but I totally respect her for going for the threesome). Nora and Ray are the absolute cutest. They totally blow the rule about real life couples having terrible screen chemistry out the water. I may dislike Nate but I live the Ray/Nate bromance with all my heart they are adorable. The cheek kiss aww. Though I couldn’t really get into the emotional goodbye from Nate since just because Hank was collecting creatures for a theme park doesn’t make the fact that he was torturing them any less relevant.
  3. dippydee

    S04.E12: The Secret Sea

    I agree. Honestly I don’t like any of the romantic relationships on the show except for Penny40/Kady (and even that li don’t think is strong enough for her to be willing to die, but that’s another point). I do love all the various friendships on the show, especially the Margo/Eliot and Quentin/Julia ones. In fact the scenes with Julia where they’ve just kind of been scoobying around or are acting like the nerds they really are have been my favourite Quentin scenes. Dean Fogg James Bonding his way through the Library was a lot of fun. I loved those puppies. On the whole, I didn’t like this episode much since it felt a little like filler to me but I guess that’s since they’re building to the big ending. I haven’t liked this season as much as season 3 which felt a lot tighter in plottin but I did like how they linked the Library plot back to the monster story bringing all the strands together.
  4. dippydee

    S04.E10: The Getaway

    I really don’t get why they need to put Nate in a relationship especially with Zari. He dragged Amaya down and I really don’t want the same thing to happen to Zari who is way too awesome for him. Nate is best when he’s single or bro-mancing with Ray.
  5. dippydee

    S04.E05: Tagumo Attacks!!!

    I liked this too. I wonder if Zari even realises she was exactly the same when she joined it’s just over time that the trust has built and she became integrated into the Legends. Speaking of that I so love that the show has such a clear idea of their characters, everyone seems grow and evolve naturally and they can put them in whatever crazy situation they want but because the characters are so well formed and established that it’s easy to know exactly how they’d react to any given thing or how they’d behave in any given pairing the show decides to try that week. I wish more shows knew their characters even half as well as Legends knows theirs. Mick watching porn on his typewriter was amazing and his writing the ending with his three boobed alien Queen was even more so. No other show could get away with this. ETA: also I totally ship Ray and Nora and am very very impressed at Courtney and Brandon managing to buck the trend of real life couples having zero chemistry. Smitten Ray is absolutely adorable.
  6. dippydee

    S05.E07: Doc's Stoned History

    I love how the gang came together like they’d never been apart. 10K and Addy having an emotional moment and then teaming up to kick zombie ass was so good. The weapon switch was especially amazing. I was amazed at just how emotional their goodbye was despite it being delivered entirely in snark. I’m going need them to bring Murphy back to the others again soon. I love the show the most when the OG crew are together wrecking sh*t and bring total pains.
  7. dippydee

    Single Parents

    Me too! I can’t believe nobody questioned the idea of 7year olds doing this play but then again since they let that one kid watch Pretty Woman all bets are off. I hope they keep Dr. CeCe cos I love her. The kids are a bit much sometimes but I’m still enjoying the show.
  8. dippydee

    S09.E10: The Final

    Not going to lie I would have preferred either of the other two to win but well done to Rahul anyway. The Showstopper was kind of meh since I wasn’t amazed by any of them, there was no wow. But I really enjoyed the Technical on the campfires. It wasn’t baking but it was cool to see them doing something completely different, though it must have sucked for them in that weather. I loved Noel teasing Ruby that she was already in hell. They are fun together, if Sandi decides to take a episode off or something I wouldn’t say no to Ruby filling in for her. The “where are they now” portion was fun too. I liked seeing the London crew (and of course Ruby drinking direct from the wine bottle) and the Northern crew meeting up for dinners/drinking.
  9. dippydee

    S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    Ah Legends, even when you’re not being killer unicorn crazy you still managed to make things weird. I loved the Fairy Godmother and the singing. Loved Mick and Constantine and I really loved Sara and Zari bonding. I also enjoyed Bureau Nate. He works as a suit. Plus it gave Ava something to do away from Sara. She needs more interaction with the rest of the Legends.
  10. dippydee

    S09.E09: Semi-Final

    I felt especially bad for her since Rahul had such a mare this week, he was so miserable. At least Manon would have had fun as they wouldn’t have been able to ding her for her bakes being too French for once ;) I missed the start of the episode last night but having seen it I just have to laugh at everyone talking about stress and pressure except Ruby who was just excited to make it this far.
  11. dippydee

    S09.E09: Semi-Final

    Aww, I’m sad to see Briony go. She was one of my favs but I think she was just trying to do too much at the end there. Rahuls downward spiral continues. It could easily have been him going home this week. He seemed to flop on all three bakes, the only thing that seems to have saved him is his apparently amazing tasting mille feuille. Yay for Ruby getting star baker again. She’s been peaking at the right time. She’s always been my favourite in personality but I’m happy to see her baking is getting better and better too. The strawberry mint mille feuille sound absolutely delicious and she was the by far the best on the technical.
  12. dippydee

    S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    I’m so glad this show is back and just as weird and wonderful as usual. The magical creatures aspect opens up so many more options for them and it’s great to see them take advantage of it. I have to agree with everyone upthread that I really love the Ray/Zari friendship. It’s always been one of my favourites because I love his optimism contrasting with her more downbeat outlook so I’m always happy when they get some time together. Mick makes Nate a whole lot more bearable but I have to admit Nate bro-ing out with Ray is always good for a laugh too. Sara and Johns slightly spiky interactions are really great too. I don’t want romance because Sara seems happy with Ava and she deserves some happiness but her relationship with John reminds me a lot of her relationship with Rip which I absolutely loved so I am here for them.
  13. dippydee

    S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    Learning that Tahani collection of wings and atria may have been my favourite part of the episode (ok it was second to Chidi being shirtless because I’m shallow). Also Eleanor referring to the wallet guy’s untalented daughter cracked me up. I’m glad that they’re not going to be nice just because they’re trying to be good.
  14. dippydee

    Single Parents

    I’m really enjoying this show. I find the whole cast really likeable and I enjoy that they’ve already started experimenting with different combinations of interactions so the whole dynamic as a group really builds as you see how different people play off each other in different ways. I also like how they’ve integrated the kids too. It’s definitely picked up since the pilot. i think Angie and Douglas has been my favourite pairing so far.
  15. dippydee

    S09.E08: Danish Week

    Aww, that’s super cute. I know there’s always a few people every year that c (Sophie/Stephen from last year) but this lot seem really close as a whole. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite the nod to a departed contestant as this years Hawaiian shirts for Jon.