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  1. It really was. Laura’s “best stolen thing” and David’s rap were all time definitely great. Actually most things David did were amazing! Season 12 is off to a flyer. I love VCM so much and it’s already clear she’s going to crash and burn but in a completely enjoyable way. I’m also enjoying the vibe between all the contestants this year. I get the impression they actually got on quite well.
  2. Bye bye Depinder. You were still my first fav from this year despite looking like a total deer in headlights the last few weeks. Ive been expecting her elimination for a while but it still kinda sucked. Despite it being the year of the dude I’m glad so many women made it this far. I feel like they’ve been better this season no matter how much of a winners edit Justin is getting. I’m not a Justin fan but I guess he is the best male option. Tommy is incredibly limited with almost no range even if his food does look pretty tasty and Pete is the oppisite, while he tries different things
  3. Ok so I’m all caught up now. I was sad to see Minoli go but I’ve been waiting for Scott’s elimination for a while now. He’s been pretty far behind the pack for a while. I think Elise and Tommy are the other weaker ones so I think them next. I agree. It sucks a little because I think most of the others are better than him. Kishwar, Linda, Beens, even Pete and his gross ice creams and odd combinations and Depinder in full dark spiral mode have all pulled out much much better dishes than him on several occasions. I was pretty worried about Kishwar in that second cook. She took Minoli
  4. This actually reminds me of how lazy the contestants have become, remember a few years ago when it was all parfaits and semi freddos with some panna cottas thrown in there? Now it’s all ice cream all the way unless there’s some granita (which quite frankly is even lazier since you don’t need to heat up anything before freezing). At least those other desserts seemed a little more involved than just chucking things into the IceCream maker and letting it do its thing. I agree with people about being close to done with this season, especially since Justing appears to be the chosen one.
  5. The judges deserve it at this point, they’re willing to encourage this foulness by praising every single ice cream abomination thrown their way. If they stopped proclaiming the ice creams to be the greatest thing ever people would stoP using them as an out when they can’t think of anything else. Can I also add there’s a special place in purgatory for the dreaded ice cream/granita combo. Two frozen things for the price of one. The cooking skills are just mind blowing 🙄
  6. I am going to be so Disappointed if this is the start of a Winners Edit for Justin but it really looks like they’re going there. Almost everyone else still left has out cooked him several times so far. If it happens this will go down as a Season 11 for me, completely ruined by the wrong winner. There’s the silver lining ;) Actually I think I’d prefer Aaron or Scott to go next. Aaron especially is super annoying and smug.
  7. I’ve enjoyed Tommy for shallow reasons but he’s annoying me more and more. I am just about ready to see him go now. He’s not pretty enough to compensate for his completely narrow range. Justin is also terrible. I don’t know why he was acting like vegetables are some weird evil thing. It might shock him but it is possible to have restaurant quality vegetarian dishes. I did not need so much of him being him in this episode. However I did laugh at him only managing to trade his carrots for pumpkin. I know Depinder won’t win and it kind of sucks since despite being invisible all episode
  8. Well I’m glad Depinder made it through and she got a pressure test under her belt. She needed that experience. Im sad it had to be Maja that went but I agree you can’t come back from raw pork. Here’s hoping. I’m just worried his being useless in a team challenge will drag my favs down with him. This challenge was pretty much the best thing he could have asked for in a pressure test. The flavours were completely in his wheelhouse.
  9. Yikes that was a hard episode to watch. It was just overtly stressful in a way this really shouldn’t be. Not enjoyable at all. It really is a shame this year is destined to be a male winner since apart from Depinder I’m liking Sabina more and more too as a potential winner. She’s definitely more interesting than any of the men left. Even Pete who tries but makes some incredibly questionable food. MTE. Tommy’s my choice for tomorrow but I’ve been worried about Depinder getting the “shock” elimination for weeks so it might be her. Then again Brent walking is probably enough e
  10. Depinder’s dish looked freaking delicious. I want it NOW! It was also nice to see Kishwar doing something different. Glad it paid off for her. The task was pretty fun. I did laugh at some of the attempts at photo art from the contestants. I did laugh a little at Petes photo recreation kinda flopping. He always seems to get things just a little wrong. Scott’s dish looked a little gross to me so I guess he did hit the brief of matching a disgusting city pavement. I hope one of the gals gets immunity. I’m ready to see Tommy go. He more so than anyone is just stuck in the cuisine rut
  11. That was fun. Alla was great and Beans and Linda both did awesome. On top of that Amir went home! Win all round. I also liked that they did a veggie cook, we need a few more of those from time to time. He did mention the Puglisi influence in his bento task, I didn’t realise he was using quite so much inspiration. I don’t mind since as you mentioned, he still has to adapt them depending on what’s available.
  12. If this is the year of the dude as I suspect it is Petes my choice for winner just for trying different things. Sure he makes some questionable things sometimes (that fish from yesterday was kinda gross) but at least he tries. The show needs this now. I think the top 10 is usually when they start pushing them a bit more but this year everyone’s stayed so firmly in their boxes that the judges need challenges to push them out of their comfort zones. Amir to go please. I will be unhappy if Beans or Linda go tomorrow.
  13. Oh Dan :( So soon after Tom too. I can’t believe Justin, Aaron, Amir and Scott are still there. Even their own editors don’t like them seeing as how they’re barely visible on the show. I cant believe Minoli got away with remaking the same dish but I’m ok with it. It would have sucked if she left the competition so soon after reentering.
  14. Lol! I agree, even he he pulled it out of the oil, the fish looked so pale and unappetising I didn’t understand why the gantry was cheering so much. I will say his starter looked delicious. The eggs and tofu especially. I think he went the opposite of Tom. All his attention went to the starter and his main looked a little more like an afterthought.
  15. Oh Tom. What terrible strategy, I’m not happy we didn’t get to see his fancy dessert but his starter looked so sad compared to the others. The first time I’ve liked Eric this entire show was watching him walk away when Andy and Jock were talking at his bench. It was pretty funny. I was worried for a moment he would get through when there was so much focus on him with the backstory and the big deal of him cooking real Chinese food. I understand the personal meaning to him and the cultural And heritage issues he’s dealing with (taking Indian food to primary school back in day used to get s
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