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  1. Hi! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I was searching and searching and I couldn't find a thread about S9 episode of Ryan. I went to Wikipedia to check the episodes and realized that there wasn't an episode featuring Ryan listed in the entire history of the show. Huh. Apparently it never aired, but it's right there in my D+ (the Finnish version of it). It's listed as the last ep of S9, after Chrystal. How peculiar! I wonder why it's there but apparently doesn't officially exist?
  2. I wrote a haiku about Joe Moravsky, here it is: "The weather man of doom Please depart my TV screen, anon For you bring the rain" Thank you, thank you. I'm here all evening. Sadly, I have to admit that I cared about that one kid's adorable lizards way more than any human being in this episode. At least we caught a glimpse of Jake Murray! "Usually after our training sessions I go home and cry." Hee. If I trained, that's so what I would do.
  3. Am I a horrible person for hoping that the Boss Ninja Child Whatever would fall? He's clearly very talented, but the moment he opened his mouth I was like okay, I already don't like you. I'm still on the fence about the youngsters. On the other hand I think it's nice to see some fresh faces, but then again... you damn kids, get off my lawn! [shaking my cane] I'm gonna have to give it a few weeks and then see how I feel about it. I don't miss the live audience at all, so the lack of that is a huge plus. Still not a fan of Gil. Reigning champion MY ASS. It was a special season, he's
  4. Didn't catch this until now, but I really enjoyed it. Jessie continues to be my favorite / personal hero / girl crush / fictional wife, but I really like Meagan as well. Heck, they're all so, so impressive. Couldn't agree with you more there.
  5. :( Too sad to form sentences. Will therefore leave.
  6. I really liked that! I love chillis so much, I used to grow them at home and then just snack on them when they were ready. I was worried that they were going to give them the hottest chillis on the planet and then whine at the tasting because the dishes were too spicy, but thankfully there was none of that. Even Andy was a good sport. Indeed, bless Dan. So much quotable material in that episode. Just gonna say that Jock, I'm ready for the hurt too! Whenever you are, my man! Yeah, and also you'd think that a professional chef, who is also judging a cooking competition, woul
  7. Well, I knew there was going to be tears when they highlighted Kishwar. But LOL @ "I'm gonna need a bigger car"! Also, Dan just keeps giving me reasons to be proud of him! This. I wouldn't mind at all if they were our top 3 of the season. YES! I want that dress! I really like your reasoning. 😄
  8. Were the invention test end results always this... trippy in the past? I don't seem to remember they were! I'm sorry, Depinder, but curry cake sounds a bit... revolting and it's probably for a good reason that you've never seen one before. (The end result did look better than I imagined, however.) Pete's "steaks" actually looked quite good, albeit too charred for my liking. I love how Jock & Mel did a random little dance together. Usually it's just Mel with the random dances! Blokey: "... whether I can inject some more carrot presence in the dish." Me: ???? H
  9. I really like Tom, Tommy, Pete and Dan, but can't see any of them winning - except maybe Pete, but he has an unfortunate tendency to make bizarre things, and my estimate is that one of these days he decides to make a bizarre thing in an elimination, and then it's bye bye Pete. None of the ladies just really do it for me, but I don't think I could be super mad if, say, Elise or Depinder won. If they've decided they want a male winner though, I personally feel like it's going to be Brent and all of us will just be sad.
  10. On the relay, I was slightly worried that Dan would go all white chocolate veloute on us, but he did really well! I'm so proud of him! I'm fine with Amir leaving any day now, thanks. There's just something about him that makes me grind my teeth every time I see him. My immediate thought process was "blast it, Andy's gone boring!" I'm calling it right now that we will have a female winner this season and I'm basing this solely on the fact that all my favorites happen to be guys and my favorites never win. So there. 😁
  11. (Sorry for the double post) Same, same and same. 😄 I'm so incredibly happy for Italy. No one deserved this win more.
  12. And Bulgaria & Romania with Billie Eilish vibes. I completely get why Arcade won (it was one of my favorites, still listen to it a whole lot) and I loved Gjon's Répondez-moi last year, but I wasn't as awestruck this year, to be honest. It's an okay song but out of the favorites to win, it was my least favorite. I'm not sure why, but it just didn't have the same appeal. Yeah, it was exciting and really refreshing. I don't remember how it was in 2019, but some years you know exactly who's going to win. See: 2015 [gag].
  13. Well, that went better than I had any audacity to hope. My favourite won, my second favourite came second, and my country finished 6th. Blimey. This was a good year. Pretty much the only thing that bugs me is that I was really hoping Lithuania to fare better. 8th place isn't bad by any means, but I thought the song was better than that. Oh well. Now it's PED (Post-Eurovision Depression) until next year! Oh my god, it really is! Such a thriller every time.
  14. Yeah, I don't get it! Like what's so horribly wrong with his clothes? Why can't guys wear fun stuff?? He's a judge on a TV show, it's not the frigging Oscars or the Nobel Prize ceremony. Who says everybody has to wear dark suits or something? I'm wishing Jock would be a little less formal too from time to time.
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