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  1. I think that may be part of the reason why I have a problem with Drew. His jeans and headphones and occasional jamming to the music just give out the kind of an arrogant "just chilling here, at this course that's totally beneath me, listening to my music while wearing my jeans, just a regular day for Drew" kinda vibe. It's probably not fair - he's just doing his thing and maybe the music really does help him to concentrate (as I think he has said in the past, correct me if I'm wrong). But still, it comes across like that to me.
  2. Oh, you most definitely are not. I think I said in an earlier thread that as far as I'm concerned, Drew went out on Stage 1 and the rest is cheating, plain and simple. (I know it isn't quite that simple. But to me it is, essentially.)
  3. Please, god, does this mean Drew can RETIRE NOW? LOL one can only hope! [chokes on tea] I'm so depressed I can't even bring myself to watch the episode. 😑 The only bright side (aside from Drew maybe retiring, which I frankly don't believe in one bit) is that it seems Stage 3 wasn't, after all, so ridiculously easy I thought it was going to be. Stage 2 was absolutely laughable, and at least S3 redeemed some of that.
  4. Well, yes, that he can be. Whoever does it, I always think it's a little unnecessary to throw off your shirt and take a dive. 😄 (E: Apparently "taking a dive" doesn't mean what I thought it meant, but I'll just leave it there anyway.)
  5. Soo... I'm not sure if that kinda sucked. ?? JMO, but I think they intentionally made it easier to keep people interested and watching, since I think they fear ratings will go down if people don't succeed. I'm glad for the folk who made it, but just like DEL901 said, if 75% of the people finish, it just feels less special. I'd rather have, say, five to ten finishers rather than 21. (Even I admit, though, that last year's two(!) finishers was not quite enough.) Well, here's to hoping that Stage 3 sees the reappearance of the Angry Birds obstacle and everybody falls. (Everybody except R.J Roman and Ryan Stratis, please.) Poor Flip. 😔 Am I really the only one who likes Grant? 🥴 (My feelings for him have gone from "eww" to "I love him" in a worryingly rapid timespan, to be perfectly honest.) One of those things I didn't know I needed in my life, but now that the idea is out, I'd totally watch that show. 😄 (Also I would totally write to him on a dating app if I thought I had even 0,0000000001% chances.) Which is why I will seriously have a mini stroke when he wins the whole thing because as far as I'm concerned, he was out on Stage 1. The rest is cheating, period. (I KNOW he earned the Safety Pass by doing extremely well, but still. I can't get over this.) I just thought "god, what a show-off". 😄 But I'd love me a "Men (And Women) of ANW" calendar, what a grand idea!
  6. Both Drew and Daniel would be deserving of the win, absolutely (not saying anything about The Kid, not yet at least, although he's clearly very good). Just that I would personally prefer someone else because they just totally rub me the wrong way. Can't explain why, really... they just do. I wish as well that Najee was in the mix too! 😭
  7. Mm. Both plausible and discouraging alternatives.
  8. Hey, that's right! I clearly haven't been paying attention (to the promos) because I kind of haven't even noticed that. ... it's Drew. Mark my words. [sigh]
  9. Random thoughts: I had a feeling that Dreschel (I know I'm spelling it wrong, sorry) would fall and run again since his run was shown so early on. Man, he was not a happy camper. I was begging the gods of Mount Midoriyama to tackle and eliminate him, to no avail, of course. I'm going to be twice as pissed if/when he wins it all since technically he should've been out on stage 1. Goddamn safety passes. Really bummed for Nick Hanson. One or two more swings and he would've had it! And R-E-A-L-L-Y bummed for Jessie. Sucks for Sean Bryan. 😐 I'm not exactly a fan, but I don't want to see anybody get hurt (even though it wasn't very serious, luckily). I wonder, is it really necessary to show Karsten Williams' mother every ten seconds? I'm easy, but I snorted at Chad Flexington's occupation ("American Superstar"). I don't like kids in general and I don't care to see them on the course, but I gotta admit, it was a little bit adorable when Jody Avila's son was giving him instructions. Also his story was tragic! I'm scared of (big) dogs as well and I would never go near one again after what happened to him (so kudos to him with the dog shelter thing)! And his wife's like "he's a big guy, he shouldn't be afraid of dogs"! What the fuck, lady?? I think it's a very wise thing to be wary of a strange, angry dog that bites you on your own driveway, whether you're a big guy or not! [shudder] I'm oddly happy for Grant. He's really grown on me. I couldn't have anticipated that happening in a million years, tbh. Same. Maybe it's that lame flapping of the arms.
  10. OH! I didn't know she had died. I've only read No Night Is Too Long but I lllloveddd it. The TV adaptation is also good (I've been trying to find it on DVD for years but no luck). Just wrapped up Clive Barker's Books of Blood vol VI, the only vol I hadn't read yet. Some nice horror and a shout-out from the 80's. And I love me some Harry D'Amour. 🤗
  11. OH, got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I was sure she'd done it!
  12. Why is Drew shirtless and wearing ridiculous swimming goggles? (Probably for the reason Hellga mentioned, but let me have my Drew hating moment.) And why was the Kid wearing some ninja mouth cover thingy? Hey, Brett Sims was shown! ... aaaand he's gone. LOL @ the new beard, tho. I love peculiar beards. NAJEE! 😭 Why must you do this to me, Najee? (At times it sounded like the crowd was chanting "nazi, nazi" and I'm awful, but it was too funny.) Other bummers too - Kevin Bull falling, Barclay falling, The Godfather falling, Labreck falling, Travis Rosen falling, Daniel Gil NOT falling AND having the fastest time. Blergh. Can't believe it's already Vegas day 1. The season always goes so effing quickly. I agree with your main point, but Barclay Stockett is quite experienced in the ninja competition and she couldn't go through the Warped Wall this time (whatever the reason).
  13. At the risk of sounding extremely stupid, I have to ask this, because even after several years of watching ANW, I'm still not sure about this. So let's imagine that three women got a really good result - two getting all the way to the buzzer (like in this episode) and the third one, she fell but got a really good time and is in the top-12 with all the dudes. Does she get to advance? Or is it that only the top-2 women advance (in this case the ones getting the buzzer) even though the rest had top-12 worthy times? Surely that cannot be the case?
  14. Apologies in advance for all the Drew fans out there, but I feel the need to vent. ASDFKDLSLKD HE HAS ALREADY WON ALMOST EVERYTHING WHY CAN'T HE JUST GO AWAY? I don't know what kind of an obstacle they'd have to construct so he would fail! He's just too damn good! He will win it all this year, he absolutely will, and I will have a stroke. On a plus side, maybe he can then retire and I don't have to watch his smug face for years to come. [/vent over] Travis Rosen is a machine, and I'm happy he's through. Also really glad that Niemitalo (my countryman!), Carbone, Stratis and Roman are through! (Though disappointed that Roman got the WWWA treatment.) Also, what does Brett Sims need to do to get shown? That Jody kid made the course look easy. No, he would've advanced to Vegas anyway.
  15. Well, fuck me. When the season started, I would NEVER EVER had guessed that Larissa was going to win. I don't hate her but MEH.
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