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  1. And a banana sundae. A. BANANA. SUNDAE. One that was apparently SO delicious that it saved her ass even though it wasn't even her original dish but a last-minute afterthought after the original failed! But seriously, though I never actively disliked her, I'm still shocked that she won. I was 101% sure that either Tessa or Simon were going to and Larissa was just kinda... there, as some kind of a side note. Like "oh well, they wanted a top 3, so she has to be there as well, but SURELY she doesn't stand a chance".
  2. Ah, well, yes, that was pretty disappointing. 😄 But at least I liked Lynton so there was somebody to root for, and while I thought she didn't deserve to win - or to be in the top 2 in the first place - I actually didn't hate Emma either. But man, that season was w-e-i-r-d.
  3. I haven't seen the coat in question, but LMAO. Imagine if he had, as a way of revenge of not getting to the finals. I must say I haven't missed Gary & George one bit, but I do occasionally miss Matt (and his wardrobe) who was always the best of the bunch to me. And I can only imagine how alone I am with this opinion, but I hope they keep Jock. 😄 Mel too, but Andy can be kicked to the curb as far as I'm concerned. (Though I'm ready to give him another chance if he's any better in Junior Masterchef - which I'm going to have to watch if Jock's in it.) Also check out Chef's Line if you haven't already! It's pretty good and she judges there as well.
  4. ^ If I could like that A THOUSAND TIMES, I would. 😭❤️
  5. I wish I could feel that way, but nope. 😄 Well, at least Laura didn't win (and Reynold, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!), but all this completely fell flat to me after a promising beginning, because apparently I just can't get over my dislike towards certain people (OR my liking towards people who then go home too early). I can't remember a more disappointing top 2 in the history of this series - except maybe S10, and even that wasn't as bad since I liked Sashi a lot, but it was just SO obvious he was going to win. Now it's just... blergh all the way around. I'll start watching Chef's Line next, at least with that I can't get needlessly attached to people since they're there for one week only!
  6. Well, poo. I haven't been watching since Khanh left, but I've been lurking here and reading all of y'all comments. Now that Poh and Callum are gone, there's no one for me to root for and let me just say that this is the exact top 3 I was dreading for since episode one. I (still) can't stand Laura and Reynold's comments made me lose all the respect I had for him. Emelia I can just about watch without rage filling up my insides, but I wouldn't quite call it equivalent to "rooting". Still - as unfortunately I suspect there isn't going to be a last-minute surprise episode where all the eliminated contestants come back (how marvelous would that be!) - if one of those three has to win, I hope it'll be her. Still lusting after Jock. Still not getting it. 🤷‍♀️
  7. ^ Right! It's not like he said "I don't accept homosexuality because of my culture/religion/XYZ" or something like that (I wouldn't approve of that either, but it would at least make it a bit more understandable) - he went all out. And I realize the nature of that forum, and get that people probably say shit like that all the time in there. Still... not cool.
  8. I kinda agree. Of course he says he's sorry and he's not that person anymore now that's it out there. I feel like if you're, say, 40+ and you're being crucified for something you said when you were 20, you can make a claim that you've grown from that and it's more believable. Six years isn't such a long time, I feel - more so because what he said was really quite hateful. I mean, can you really go from "homos are mentally ill freaks who should be put on an island" to "I wholeheartedly support them and care deeply for them" in 6 years? Or in a lifetime, for that matter? I guess it's possible, but I'm skeptical. And moreover, even if you felt like that way about gay people, what makes you want to spew that poison out loud? Like really? God knows I wasn't the most mature human being at 20, but it would never ever even cross my mind to go on a discussion forum and say something like that, no matter what the topic. Ever. Either way, even if he has grown from that, the fact that he has actually felt like that at some point in time is enough for me to feel VERY disappointed.
  9. Puke. People can be disgusting. I feel like I need to put on my little tin foil hat now, but I just read a heated online argument about how S1 was "rigged" because Poh was more deserving of the win than Julie (and they had some valid points about how badly Julie did in some of the challenges and yet it was always somebody else who went home instead of her), but Julie was more marketable plus they didn't want to give the win of the first MCAU to a person with Asian background. And then when S10 was ending, there were the rumors that Ben B. was only in the finale because they didn't want to have a finale with two non-Australian natives there, thus omitting Khanh. I don't know if it's true, but it made sense to me at the time, because Ben sure as F wasn't in the finale because of his cooking skills. I'm not sure what my point is, but I'd be interested to hear you guys' thoughts about whether that's believable at all or just some silly conspiracy. (Sorry about the OT!)
  10. https://www.tiktok.com/@masterchefau/video/6817559812268772614?refer=embed&utm_source=embed&source=h5_t Harry and Courtney apparently weren't happy with the new, non-cringy opening credits. 😂
  11. The appliances they had to use were a stand mixer, a food processor and a blender (I think), though I can't remember what the green team's equipment was out of those. But no pressure cooker. I think they would've missed the brief if they were told to use it and they ended up not to.
  12. His team was totally giving him death glares. Emelia's "TAKE THAT OCTOPUS OFF THE HIBACHI" and "so hard to watch, isn't it?" 😂 Ooh I can't. But darling Brendan to the rescue! It's kinda weird now as the contestants aren't hugging every two minutes. It isn't necessarily a bad thing. But I must say the air hugs were pretty adorable! I'm slowly coming to terms with my inexplicable infatuation with Jock (and have reasoned that I've probably been indoors for WAY too long). It's actually pretty neat, 'cause I don't have to constantly worry about whether he's the next one to go home!
  13. Haa, I do that as well with eliminations & pressure tests! I like to know beforehand who's going home. Thank you @katisha 😄
  14. I'd be really surprised if Jess had children - she's so young and IIRC, I've never heard her talking about any kids. Perhaps she meant something else. 🤔 Reece is looking super good, kudos to him for losing all that weight! It ain't easy. His new hair (or lack thereof) also suits him very well, I think. I love Poh. Usually I don't care for people who laugh at their own jokes, but for some reason, with her I just find it kinda adorable. 😄 But I do agree with other posters that the Faux Poh Edit is not doing her much favors.
  15. Agreed. I don't care for her, but I don't think she meant anything bad by it. Most people in other forums seem to really dislike her as well. Aww, Brendan. 🥰 I 100% thought he was straight! Just goes to show that you can't ever tell by appearance.
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