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Dean Devlin and the SYFY Network have plans to bring you a 12-episode high-concept sci-fi series, The Ark. Production is scheduled to begin in March at PFI Studios in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Ark is set 100 years in the future at a time when planetary colonization missions have become a necessity to secure the survival of the human race. The series follows the crew of the Ark One after they encounter a disaster that destroys part of their ship, derailing the mission they are on to save mankind. With more than a year left to go before reaching their destination. They have to grapple with a lack of life-sustaining supplies and a leadership vacuum, forcing the remaining crew to become the best versions of themselves to stay on course and stay alive.

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Dean Devlin Syfy Series ‘The Ark’ Sets Main Cast (EXCLUSIVE)

 The Ark is currently filming at PFI Studios in Belgrade, Serbia.


Christie Burke,  Richard Fleeshman,  Reece Ritchie,  Stacey Read,  Ryan Adams

Christie Burke will play Lt. Sharon Garnet. A low-ranking officer, Garnet is not one to embrace the spotlight, but she finds herself rising to the occasion when tragedy strikes Ark One.

Richard Fleeshman will play Lt. James Brice, who oversees Ark One’s navigation systems. 

Reece Ritchie (“The Outpost,” “Hercules”) plays Lt. Spencer Lane. Another low-ranking officer, Lane believes only the strongest will survive and is resentful when his leadership skills are questioned. Ritchie is repped by Conway van Gelder Grant

Stacey Read will play Alicia Nevins, a brilliant young woman on the Waste Management team who is being wildly under-utilized. 

Ryan Adams will play Angus Medford, an insecure young man except when it comes to his specialty: horticulture and farming.

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MIPTV: NBCUniversal Takes ‘The Ark’ in Europe, Extends Deals for ‘Leverage: Redemption’ and ‘Almost Paradise’


In one of the first official deals out of this year’s MIPTV television market, NBCUniversal International Networks and Direct-to-Consumer (NBCUIN & DTC) signed a trio of multi-territories deals with Electric Entertainment for Syfy series The Ark and the second seasons of Almost Paradise and Leverage: Redemption.

The deals, announced Monday, as MIPTV kicked off in Cannes, will see NBCUIN & DTC take The Ark for its Syfy networks in France, Spain and Portugal, as well as for sci-fi in the Balkans and in Poland.

Ordered straight to series for 12 episodes by Syfy in the U.S., The Ark is set 100 years in the future when planetary colonization missions have begun as a necessity to help secure the survival of the human race. The first of these missions, on a spacecraft known as Ark One, encounters a catastrophic event causing massive destruction and loss of life. With more than a year left to go before reaching their target planet, a lack of life-sustaining supplies and loss of leadership, the remaining crew must become the best versions of themselves to stay on course and survive.

Christie Burke, Reece Ritchie, Stacey Read, and Steven William Moore co-star. The series is currently filming in Belgrade, Serbia.


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There’s No Room for Gen X and Boomers in SyFy’s The Ark
TINA S. BEIER    4 days ago


The cast list for Syfy’s upcoming show The Ark has been released, and there’s no one under forty.
*  *  *
Given it appears all the cast seems to be around or under thirty-five (at least in terms of their actor’s ages), I have a feeling The Ark’s senior staff are going to die in the first episode … or the ship departs Earth without anyone “too old,” A.K.A. Gen X and Boomers!

Is this simply for practical purposes because younger people are more likely to reproduce in the new colonies, or is it the result of something more sinister? Perhaps what caused the need to leave Earth was a war between the generations? Did Gen X get tired of being ignored and teamed up with their older compatriots who were sick of “OK, Boomer?” jokes? But would an alliance between Gen Z and Millenials really survive? 

There is no release date yet, but filming has begun in Siberia.


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First 'The Ark' Images Tease a Terrifying Trek Into Space [Exclusive]

Set 100 years in the future where planetary exploration and colonization isn't just a pipe dream but instead necessary for humanity to continue, it follows the first of a series of expeditions to find new inhabitable planets.


Christie Burke in a Cryopod

The spacecraft on the expedition, the Ark One, faces catastrophe along the way, resulting in a massive loss of life, major damage to the ship, leadership falling into disarray, and life-sustaining supplies running short.


It's up to the remaining crew members to keep everything together even as their target planet is over a year away.


Those left to keep the ship moving forward through the dire circumstances will be Christie Burke leading the crew as the acting captain and natural-born leader Lt. Sharon Garnet with her crew consisting of Richard Fleeshman as the smooth-talking, hot-headed navigator Lt. James Brice, Reece Ritchie as the power-hungry Lt. Spencer Lane, Stacey Read as the awkward yet ultra-intelligent life support specialist Alicia Nevens, and Ryan Adams as the head of horticulture Angus Medford. Also on board in recurring roles are Christina Wolfe, Shalini Peiris, Miles Barrow, Pavle Jerinić, and Tiana Upcheva.


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Christie Burke as Lt. Sharon Garnet
Reece Ritchie as Lt. Spencer Lane
Richard Fleeshman as Lt. James Brice
Tiana Upcheva as Eva Markovic
Ryan Adams as Angus Medford
Stacey Read as Alicia Nevins
Miles Barrow as Baylor Trent
Shalini Peiris as Dr. Sanjivni Kabir
Christina Wolfe as Cat Brandice
Pavle Jerinić as Lt. Felix Strickland

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The Ark Creators Introduce Their Crisis-Fueled Space Odyssey

The Ark: Christina Wolfe & Shalini Peiris Delve Into Cosmic Endurance

The Ark: Stacey Read & Ryan Adams Mix Sci-Fi Genius with Earnest Compassion in Syfy's Latest

The Ark Stars Explain the Syfy Series' Emotional Core
In an interview with CBR, The Ark stars Christie Burke, Richard Fleeshman and Reece Ritchie lay out the relationships driving the new Syfy series.

Christie Burke, Richard Fleeshman, and Reece Ritchie Interview for SYFY's The Ark
LRM Online    Feb 2, 2023

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The Ark’s Sci-Fi Tropes Are ‘There For a Reason’
By Michael Ahr   February 6, 2023


The Ark showrunners Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner admit they were going for familiarity over anything cutting edge. “There was a real desire to make a really comfortable old shoe but to put a new spin on it … bucking the trend lately of these incredibly dark and edgy shows that often are unique for unique’s sake, as opposed to storytelling’s sake,” says Devlin.

Glassner agrees that darker isn’t always better. “[The Ark is] kind of what I wanted to see on television that hasn’t been on for awhile,” he says. “There’s been a lot of really good, intellectual science fiction that really makes you think, but they’re often kind of depressing and dark. I wanted to see something that’s just fun, entertaining, and makes you excited at the end.”

Providing recognizable story points for sci-fi fans allowed The Ark to speed up its exposition and get right to the compelling tale of survival. “It’s totally intentional,” Devlin says. “We didn’t spend any time explaining what a cryogenic sleeper pod is. We assume you’ve seen Alien or more recently Passengers or a dozen other shows that dealt with the whole idea of being cryogenically frozen for a long trip. We don’t pretend this is the first sci-fi show; we don’t pretend we’re inventing this. The tropes are there for a reason.”
*  *  *
Devlin promises that the nature of The Ark ensures that viewers will learn more about the crew eventually. “We had to establish an enormously large cast right off the bat which meant nobody really got that much screen time yet,” he explains. “So there’s a lot of shortcuts into helping you understand who they are at the beginning. This is not a show where we have aliens of the week or we go to exotic planet of the week. This is really about the people on this ship, so everything we’re going to watch this season is about them. They will all get their time.”

The showrunners understand that The Ark viewers aren’t going to like all of the characters either. “We want the audience to be annoyed by some characters and fall in love with some characters,” Devlin says. “Part of the fun is watching who people identify with. Just being online, I literally would see Tweets back-to-back saying ‘I love this character!’ and then the very next one someone saying how they hated that character. That’s great! You want people to find their people on the show and then get behind them or root against them… That’s what’s really interesting in a television series.”
*  *  *
That being said, the showrunners’ road map includes creating a satisfying ending to each season of The Ark, no matter how many there are. “Jonathan and I are both believers that when you watch a season of television, it should be a complete meal,” says Devlin. “I believe that when you get to the end of the season, you will feel that you got a whole story, but then a door will open to tell you that there’s more to tell. There’s more to talk about; there’s more to see; there’s more to learn.”

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‘The Ark’ Becomes Syfy’s Most Watched Premiere Since ‘Resident Alien’ (Exclusive)
by LOREE SEITZ | February 8, 2023


"The Ark” has become Syfy’s most watched premiere in two years since “Resident Alien,” TheWrap can reveal exclusively.

The sci-fi series, which premiered Feb. 1, drew in 1 million total viewers, according to Nielsen Live + 3 delayed viewing data, marking the network’s best premiere among adults 18-49 since “Chucky’s” fall 2021 debut.

By SYFY WIRE Staff     FEBRUARY 10, 2023


.... Appearing on the latest installment of the official after-show that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the project, co-creator, co-showrunner, and executive producer Jonathan Glassner promised that tragedy won't always be on the agenda throughout the coming weeks.

"I won't write a show like that — it's too depressing" he explained. "This is a show about people rising to their best selves. I think it's a great look at humanity and what we can be if we're put in enough of a pressure cooker. I mean, it will always be a pressure cooker and people will die. Other characters will die along the way, but for the most part, it's just solving problems and trying to live the best life they can in this horrible circumstance."
*  *  *
He later continued: "I think the show ends up being very escapist just because they solve these things. They go on and they form friendships and relationships. This group of people who hardly knew each other at the beginning are gonna be a family very quickly because they have no choice but to be a family. And I think that's part of the heart of the show."

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By Trent Moore & Vanessa Armstrong    February 23, 2023


“We we wanted to kind of redefine the whole idea of a clone. When we say clones now we think about things like robots, or some some strange alien thing. But with the advances we're seeing in technology like CRISPR, and other things like that, Jonathan and I started talking about it and cloning in the future could be the future equivalent of in vitro,” Devlin said. “But there would probably be a lot of prejudice about it, surrounding it. And so we thought it would be an interesting way to bring that subject matter in and allow us to have this secret for our lead character. That she's dealing with a prejudice as well as having some different genetics than everybody else on board.”

Glassner expanded on that perspective, noting the use of cloning could be something scientists in the future explore as a way to make space travel safer and more viable as humanity starts creeping its way out toward the stars. 

“It's a good way to give them a base genetic line that they want to work with for them to ‘improve’ to make them better for space travel,” he added.

By Trent Moore & Vanessa Armstrong    March 2, 2023


“[Trust] doesn't know why he's on there, himself. He didn't expect to be there,” Glassner tells SYFY WIRE. “He was supposed to be on Ark 5. And so first, he's got to figure out his bearings, who’s who and who he can trust — and then if we can trust [William] Trust. He's going to take our story in some interesting directions.”

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On 3/6/2023 at 7:52 AM, tv echo said:


“We we wanted to kind of redefine the whole idea of a clone. When we say clones now we think about things like robots, or some some strange alien thing."

Uuuuuhhhhh....what?? Who thinks of clones as robots or aliens? Has he not even heard of Dolly the sheep? Clone Wars? 

I guess that explains how out of touch with reality, basic physics, and common sense this show has been. 

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Sneak peek at tonight's new episode...

The Ark S1 E7 Sneak Peek: “How is Ark 3 Ahead of Us?” | SYFY
SYFY    Mar 13, 2023

Also, here's a very short synopsis for next week's new episode...

The Ark - Episode 1.08 - Every Single Person Matters - Press Release
Posted by SpoilerTV at March 14, 2023


A new polarizing figure enters the equation as the crew suffers technical difficulties.

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By SYFY WIRE Staff    March 10, 2023


Is there a doctor onboard?! Episode 6 of The Ark ("Two by Two") threw audiences for a loop with the reveal that Lt. James Brice (Richard Fleeshman) is dying from a mysterious illness known as Klampkin's. The origin of the disease can be traced back to the virtual writers' room.

"One of our writers, Kendall Lampkin...on Zoom, his name came up as K. Lampkin. Klampkin," series co-creator Jonathan Glassner (whose resume includes Stargate SG-1) revealed on this week's installment of the official SYFY after-show. "I started calling him that because it was funny. And so, when we had to come up with a name [for the illness], I said, 'Do you mind if we use that?' And he said, 'No.' So that's the name of the disease ... [The symptoms] are just based on several real diseases. At first, we don't want to tell what caused it. I didn't want to give that away. We needed certain symptoms for the stories. We needed passing out and as you'll as we go on, we need some of the other symptoms that come up from it."

Fleeshman knew about Brice's secret from the very start after an initial sit-down with Glassner's fellow co-creator and showrunner, Dean Devlin (writer of genre blockbusters like Stargate, Independence Day and Godzilla).

"He did quite a cool thing in hindsight. At the time, it was a little unnerving because it was our very first day. We all went in for individual sit-downs with him, which isn't completely unusual because he's obviously the producer. We thought it was going to be a pretty standard, 'Let's talk about the character.' All of us, we later found out, were slipped a secret envelope, as it were. Not literally, but he told us all of our backstories and our secrets. We're under complete strict instructions not to tell anybody else. I left that meeting knowing about Brice and what he was going through — the fact that he lied to get on the ship and the fact that he was [dying]."

Fleeshman continued: "We all had to live with these secrets and these backstories, knowing full well that our other cast members didn't know about them," the actor said. "Which, actually, really is useful from a performance point-of-view. But it was obviously quite a shock when people started seeing other people's backstories come to life. And they were like, 'Did you know?!' And I'm like, 'I knew.'"

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By SYFY WIRE Staff    March 20, 2023


This late-game character [Kelly Fowler] is played by Samantha Glassner, daughter of the show's co-creator and showrunner, Jonathan Glassner.  Appearing on the latest installment of the official after-show, Jonathan admitted that while he once made a vow not to go all nepo baby and cast his own offspring in one of his shows, he was forced to break the rule when it became clear that Samatha was perfect to play Fowler.

"What we were describing was her," he said. "And so, I had her put herself on tape and audition. The network had to approve her and they approved her. Next thing you know, she was shipping off to Serbia to play this part."
*  *  *
Episode 7 writer John-Paul Nickel cheekily downplayed the suspicious aura surrounding Kelly, adding that it "was so much fun" to introduce a new player this close to the finale. "We talked about her a lot before we committed and in one iteration — and maybe two iterations — of the script, it was two characters. A lot of moving set pieces in production and making a television, eventually, we were like, 'Could we make this one character?' The budget declared, 'Yes, we could.' But it was the right move."

He later continued: "She's an unreliable narrator and the fun is, 'What's true? What's not?' And also, the best lies are rooted in truth, so how much truth is she using? That's the fun of the unfolding character of Kelly and just the idea of what's going on back home. Because we, the audience, want to know what's going on back home and out in the greater galaxy of Ark One. Kelly's a tool to get some of that out there and then engage our characters and give them some drama as well."

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The Ark S1 E9 Sneak Peek: "After Today, You'll Never Want to Speak to Me Again" | SYFY
SYFY   Mar 27, 2023

“You’re Just a Power-Hungry Monster” | The Ark (S1 E9) | SYFY
SYFY   Mar 30, 2023

Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner Interview for SYFY's The Arc at WonderCon 2023
LRM Online    Mar 30, 2023

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1 hour ago, KeithJ said:

I am surprisingly happy about this.

Me too. By all accounts, this show should completely suck but it’s so addictively entertaining!

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Short synopsis for episode 1x12 - airing April 19...

The Ark - Episode 1.12 - Everybody Wins (Season Finale) - Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release
Posted by SpoilerTV at April 17, 2023 


Ark One tries to broker peace with its adversary but doesn't realize it could cost everything.

The Ark Season Finale Sneak Peek: “The Element of Surprise” | SYFY
SYFY   Apr 17, 2023

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'The Ark’ Bosses Unpack Explosive Finale & What It Means for Season 2
Scott Fishman     APRIL 19, 2023


With Ark 15 coming to help Ark One, is there a potential that they’ll allow them to come aboard their ship?
Jonathan Glassner:
You’ll have to wait until next season to find out. We’re working on the stories now. We want to keep multiple Arks out there. We are devising ways to do so. That’s all I’ll tell you.

Dean: The only thing that’s certain is uncertainty.

From one leader to another, do you think Evelyn sees a little bit of herself in Garnet? I don’t think she is used to pushback and not getting her way.
I think it’s the opposite. I think she sees what she kind of wishes she was in Garnet. She is selfish, everything is about her. Garnet is the exact opposite of that. She is about us and saving the whole world and humanity and not just her. That’s sort of the lesson at the end of the season when Garnet goes to save her. She sees that. Evelyn never thought that way before.

Dean: We’re living in an age right now of a lot of self-made billionaires. Evelyn is an inherited billionaire. She has never known the ways that the others on Ark One have. So when she is talking to Garnet, it’s like she is talking to an alien. She doesn’t understand how someone wouldn’t try to kill her at every moment of the day.
*  *  *
Alicia [Nevins] (Stacy Read) and Angus [Medford] emerged as fan favorites. The finale saw a hint they were finally getting together. What do you make of their evolution through the season going from background players into key figures on the crew’s team?
It’s always fun to do a will they-won’t they storyline. There are so many classics like that on television. I think of Sam and Diane from Cheers. Those two have been playing their roles perfectly. What they do with just a look at each other is very valuable. But they may not get together. You’ll have to watch and see.

Funny you mention Sam and Diane. You get that vibe from Eva and Brice where their playful chemistry evolves into something serious.
Yeah, they are going to have a lot of things thrown at them next season. We’ll see how they deal with that.
*  *  *
Jonathan, your daughter Samantha does a great job as Evelyn’s murderous daughter. How fun was it for you to see her take on this role?
It has been an interesting ride. I’ve always resisted putting my daughter in what I do, and she has always wanted me to since she was five years old. She has always wanted to be an actress. As we were writing this character the writers kept pitching things about the character and I pitched things. Then in the writer’s room one day I said, “What we are describing is my daughter. She will never forgive me if I didn’t let her read for it.” She read for it like any other actor. I probably said to Dean about a dozen times, “Is she good?”

Dean: She wasn’t just good. She was so good we ended up changing the part because the part was only supposed to be a two-episode arc. Soon as we saw footage from the set. I thought the character was too delicious and we could get a lot of mileage on this. You love to hate this character. It’s great.

She is in a coma-like state now. Can we expect her to wake up?
Expect the unexpected.

What do you want to see explored for season 2 now that the characters are fleshed out a bit?
On a lot of these other shows you see this amazing bond between the captain and the crew. Our show was they have no relationship with each other at the start. They don’t know each other. Part of the fun of this is watching these relationships grow. Some are going to grow stronger. Some are going to grow combative. I think that’s the interesting thing. How do they get there?

Jonathan: One of the things I’m finding fascinating as we’re discussing season 2 in the writer’s room is the notion of when is somebody redeemed. We have this character Maddox, who killed half the people on this ship and everyone on Ark Three. But she is the one who is rescuing Ark One at the end of the season. What do you do with that? Do you say thank you? Or do you say, you mass murderer? I don’t trust you. So we’re playing with that a lot. It’s interesting.

THE ARK: Creator Dean Devlin and fellow executive producer Jonathan Glassner on the conclusion of Season 1 – Exclusive Interview
By ABBIE BERNSTEIN   April 20, 2023


AX: Were there any characters who became more heroic or more villainous as you went, or did they pretty much go in the direction you had planned?
GLASSNER: Kelly [played by Samantha Glassner] is probably the one who went more villainous. If she had died when we intended for her to die originally, when we were working on the stories, she wouldn’t have been so bad, but she gets worse and worse [laughs].

DEVLIN: But I think maybe we were surprised in how Reece Ritchie [who plays Spencer Lane] is such an interesting and good actor that he added so many more layers to that character that it allowed us to really walk this line of, is he a villain, is he a hero. We had in our heads where we wanted to go, but I think the layers of complexity really came out of watching his performance, and realizing what he was capable of doing.
*  *  *
AX: To ask another character question, how long would THE ARK need to keep going for Evelyn Maddox, played by Jelena Stupljanin, to get a redemption arc?
[Devlin and Glassner both laugh.]

GLASSNER: A really long time.

DEVLIN: We would need nine seasons for that.

GLASSNER: She’s kind of got a redemption at the end of Episode 12, in a way.

DEVLIN: [nods agreement] To some degree. [But] it’s tough. She’s responsible for half the deaths on Ark One, and all of the deaths on Ark Three. That’s a pretty tough character to redeem.

By SYFY WIRE Staff   April 21, 2023


Sitting down for an after-show interview, Episode 12 writer John-Paul Nickel revealed that the show's four-person creative team "went through so many iterations" on how to best close out the debut season.
*  *  *
Nickel went on to hint that not every character made it out of the finale alive. "Who lives and dies?" he mused. "Because you'll notice in the last couple scenes, you don't see some people ... We want them all to live, but we don't always get what we want in life."

In a separate interview, series co-creator Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1) stated that the original ending was "a little darker and the network rightfully said, 'We think there needs to be a little more hope.' The hope that we added of Maddox's ship coming was always in our head [of] how we would start next season. We just pulled it forward to this season to show that there's a chance. And to their credit, it's much better that way, because it also pays off Garnet's whole thing ... of people have to be given the chance to do the right thing."

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Purely speculative...

10 Predictions for THE ARK Season 2
Posted by Melody McCune | Apr 27, 2023

Ark One Will Change Course for Ross 128 b
Kelly Will Live 
Yes, We’ll Get a Garnet/Lane Romance 
William Will Attempt to Kill Evelyn Again 
We’ll Encounter More Arks 
Felix’s Daughter Is Alive 
Kelly Will Try to Seek Revenge Against Alicia 
Alicia and Angus Will Grow Closer 
We’ll Learn More About the Juno Project
We’ll Meet More Clones

ETA: I think that Kelly will emerge from her coma with apparent amnesia and a complete personality change. Everyone will think that she's now a good person and will have to learn to accept who she is now. Then her story will be a redemption arc for bad stuff that she doesn't remember doing. However, the twist could be that she's faking it and is still as evil as ever.

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Sci-Fi Series ‘The Ark’ Season 2 Filming Schedule Revealed at SYFY [Exclusive]
Bradley    May 28, 2023


Currently, The Ark Season 2 is scheduled to officially begin filming on June 26, 2023, in Belgrade, Serbia, and Vancouver, BC, Canada. The filming will take almost four months to officially finish on October 20, 2023.

If we go by the filming schedule of the second season of the series, The Ark Season 2 is likely to premiere in the second quarter of 2024.

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Electric Entertainment is American but since Serbian companies are also involved maybe they are able to weasel around the strike? Or they have some scripts but not a whole season's worth. Or one can be really snarky and wonder if any real writers have been involved from the get-go.

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