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Season 5 Characters Thread

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Season 5* of Love After Lockup starts on 04 March 2022.  The new cast includes:

Kevin and Tiffany (Arlington, TX) 
Kevin was a "player" and Tiffany went to prison before they could make their relationship official. But now, they’re going to pick up where they left off.  Will these crazy kids find out they love each other above all others or will we see another train wreck in action?  The big money is on infidelity.

Harry and Indie (Beltsville, MD)  
We know Indie and Harry from the series spinoff Love During Lockup. Indie believes that Harry is her “spiritual husband."  She bought rings to try to convince the forks at the halfway house that they are married.  She also referred to herself as his fiancée.  Indie is not too bright.  She believes that rolling up a window will keep cameras from being able to film her. Indie’s mom is a bounty hunter, who also has zero patience for Indie's histrionics. Her nail inspection skills are on point. It's time to check with Indie's psychic on the long term chances for this couple.  So far she's only been wrong.

Raydean and Rick (Cedar Park, TX) 
Raydean is 20 years younger than Rick. They met through Raydean’s ex-boyfriend before Raydean was arrested.  It's another man who looks much older than his age with a woman much younger than him.  That has worked out so well on this show before.  

Kaylah and Martel (Atlanta, GA) 
Kaylah and Martel started dating 14 years earlier after meeting at a party.  Martel spent 13 years as a guest of the state. They are going to try life on the outside. 

Tayler and Chance (Elsberry, MO) 
This couple fell in love through phone calls (but we've learned that letters are best and pencil is more romantic!?!?!?!) While incarcerated, Chance called Tayler, looking for her ex-boyfriend who was a friend from prison. Instead, they got to talking, the calls increased in frequency. Tayler expects a proposal; of course she does.  Who wouldn't want to marry someone they only know from phone calls?

Lacey and Antoine (Snohomish, WA) 
Lacey (not the over-inflated one we already know) met Antoine through her friend — Antoine’s mother. Lacey was in a 20-year marriage and Antoine was behind bars. She left her past life behind to be with her friend’s son. Twelve years Antoine’s senior, Lacey has not found her family and friends supportive of her life choices.  A statement that could be made about everyone on this show. 

*We are listing this as season 5.  In media the season shows as either season 4 or 5 depending on the link.  WETV has played with the numbering more than once. 

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Oh no, another Lacey! Hopefully this one looks less like a blowup doll. 

I love that there are so many Texans on this show. I am in the DFW area and secretly hope for a sighting of one of them sometime. Celebrity sighting were much more exciting when I lived in LA. Sigh. 

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