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S01.E03: The Widow

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Jenny's abilities are way too overpowered, she should know way more than she does about the case and about the CIA people who are forcing her to take the case. I wish they would have toned her powers way down. Why can't Jenny just take some multi-vitamins instead of gorging on steaks, potatoes and broccoli.

Becca is a little psycho, no wonder nobody on the team likes her. She will end up turning on everybody on the team, including the one that thinks they are friends.

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300€ for a baggy of meth? wtf? Have these writers ever taken any drugs? I guess with weed being legal these young whipper snappers have lost all connections to organised crime. Maybe we should get back to how it was in the 80s, when writers rooms were entirely fueled by cocain.

Also looked the drug dealer parked his bigass car in the middle of a street. Yeash that's not going to attract attention at all... And I'm sure it makes total sense when the guy holding the drugs is in the car with you, then briefly gets out to be signaled by the car lights, then immediatly gets back in again.


Why did drug lord kill his nephew? Didn't quite get that.

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So three eps in, not buying the actor playing the "CIA" boss. He comes across as an uncle, not a deadly operative. I also don't like the addition of the body morphing ability. In addition to being nonsensical and making this more a superhero show than a spy show, it is too convenient. Which is a shame, because the concept of a former Russian super assassin living an American life and being found out and used by a mysterious American handler is interesting. So is the evil body takeover plot. A bit bored by the flashbacks but can see their purpose.

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