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Season 4: (Part 1) Chat!!

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Helen’s murder was one of the best cliffhangers I can remember. This week I’m going to have to watch the entire series over again, because it’s so complex and so long between seasons I forget a lot of the details. I still don’t buy the love between Ruth and Wendy’s brother, though, and don’t believe that’s why she would align herself against them. I hope the last season doesn’t hinge on that plot point.

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Going to put this here so people don’t have to read it in the episode threads: I can’t stand listening to people chew, and it’s like they’re eating and talking while chewing in every fucking scene.

Hey, foley artists, looking at you: We don’t need to listen to them eating to know they’re eating.

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I am so bored with this season and having to turn my subtitles on every 5 minutes.  I've tried watching S4/E3 about 5 times now and always end up doing something else while it's on.  I'm in Canada so I have a reason to not know basic Spanish, tabernaque!

This was my favourite show!  😥

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28 minutes ago, SunnyBeBe said:

Can someone tell me if Darlene ever got any kind of documentation that she was a parent of Zeke, such as a birth certificate, adoption, etc?  

To the best of my recollection, circumstances pushed Marty to use his influence with "the powers that be" to have her declared Zeke's foster parent.  Then, later, when Darlene had her heart attack Wendy went back to Social Services "as a concerned person" to have Zeke taken from her because her health issues made her unable to take care of Zeke as a single parent.   That's what pushed Wyatt to propose to and then marry Darlene. 

Zeke was never adopted by Darlene.  I'm not sure she would have qualified (even before she killed Jacob) due to age.  

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