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S01.E06: Episode 6

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Rose is forced to confront his choices as Baxter tries to help him choose a path of redemption. Baxter and Edmunds are faced with a difficult decision as Rose’s name becomes that last one left on the kill list. Edmunds’ dark past is revealed.

Original air date: December 16, 2021

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Well i think I enjoyed this series. I watched them all and have ordered the book from the library. Not sure what the bits with Edwards were all about? Did she kill someone in her car and manage to hide it?

And at Kings cross, why did the lady stare particularly at the young man as she walked off, looking for a new "victim" or was he someone specific?

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On 12/22/2021 at 9:06 AM, catherinejane said:

And at Kings cross, why did the lady stare particularly at the young man as she walked off, looking for a new "victim" or was he someone specific?

He was staring at her because she was walking away smiling from that body everyone else was reacting to in horror. 

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My main takeaway from this series is how pathetically stupid these police officers were - and that's just the detectives, I won't get into how dumb and unaware the uniformed guys were.  So Baxter could have had this thing solved in about 5 minutes by doing actual police work rather than letting Rose lead everyone around?  OK, she was compromised by her feelings for him but there was NO ONE else on the force who could have suggested looking at the ragdoll body for clues??

I can't even with Edmonds waltzing into the murderer's house alone after Baxter explicitly told her not to go see the makeup woman without her.  Edmonds constant disobeying of orders should have gotten her fired.  Now, I was worried about her when she was there and didn't want her tortured and murdered so was glad she at least radioed in where she was.   Thankfully Baxter used her brain this time and found her. 

It was also incredibly annoying that no one listened to Edmonds about how the wife was in on it.  Though if they had kept her in custody, maybe there wouldn't have been a lead to Baxter being held by the killer. 

Though Rose was a selfish asshole, I at least could understand him a bit as he was descending back into his PTSD or whatever it was that landed him in the hospital in the first place.  No one else really had an excuse.  Maybe Edmonds being traumatized by leaving her ex-GF, the possible murderer to die in the trunk of a car?  Or something.  I still can't get over how she was daydreaming about this incident while the killer strolled into the lawyer's house.   On a positive note, Edmonds did come clean to Baxter about being blackmailed by Rose.

I don't mind genius killer stories, one step ahead etc but that doesn't mean your "good guys" have to be so dumb or into staring at their own navels that they let all kinds of bad shit happen.    Poor Andrea, what a horrible way to die.

Good stuff - the three leads played well together.  The performances were good and stupid behavior aside, I didn't want any of the leads to die.   Until it was obvious, I wasn't sure about the wife's involvement so that was a good twist for me.   Also, the dog didn't die. 


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