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S01.E10: Final Cancellation

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6 hours ago, Ms Blue Jay said:

What was the Bacall Bogart recreation?  What movie was it from?  

What is "Final Cancellation" a reference to?  Maybe Final Destination.

Thank you

I have the exact same questions. I thought someone said later the movie was Bombshell but that doesn’t make any sense.

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Eleanor!!!  Cyrus!!!  Dorota!!!  It was fun to see them, and their appearance here felt pretty organic, it makes sense that their professional sectors would intersect with Gideon's and Kiki's.

I'm actually feeling way more invested in the parents than I used to.  I really liked Kiki and Eleanor's chat, their little bonding moment about meddling daughters was cute and I'd love if they continued to develop a mentor-mentee relationship, especially because it would mean we got more Eleanor.  And I found myself really rooting for Roy and Gideon to work it out, and also liked them both sticking up for Kiki.

I'm not sure how I feel about Max writing off Audrey and Aki.  They can't know his feelings have changed if he hasn't expressed that to them.  But I think he did make some good points about the transactional nature of their friendships, and it was good that they had already come to that realization about how they mischaracterize him before he said it.

Obie is such a self-centered prick.  Him demanding Julien reciprocate his feelings like ten minutes after he broke up with her sister, and then storming off when she admitted she can't deal with that in the middle of her current crisis, was so selfish and dick-y.  He's by far the worst of the teens, and the actor is doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g to elevate it at all.

Audrey's casual reading of the girls eyeing up Aki right in front of her at the basketball game was great.  What I love about Audrey's bitchery is that always feels so tossed-off, like it comes to her naturally and she doesn't have to think up her burns.

Not feeling Monet’s new hair.

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