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S03.E02: Contact

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So  how are they so sure that the creators of the robots are extinct. Sure, there are ruins on this planet, but this species had interstellar drives.

I mean humans fucked over earth in this universe and won't be able to live there for much longer, so they went off to Alpha Centauri. Who's to say these aliens didn't do the same? They might still be on a bunch of planets out there.

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Penny is on a long walk in the woods, finds something, walks back to get Will, they discover a cave system and get trapped inside for a while. 
Light years away, at the exact same time, Maureen, John and Don decide to go on a dangerous salvage mission on Planet Robot.
On that exact same salvage mission, the robot Scarecrow shows up and gets inside Maureen and John's space ship. 
Simultaneously,  Will's Robot shows up behind door #3 in the cave system and takes Will and Penny into an abandoned ancient alien underground construct - where machinery still works. 
Will's Robot uses the machinery to establish a real-time communications link to Scarecrow Robot who is, at the exact same time,  about to attack Maureen.
What are the odds??

The writing will always be clunky when the writers' main mission is to put seven main characters into different arrangements and give them simultaneously occurring crises that they can use to jump back and forth between. (Also, to sprinkle on some added schmaltz - in case you might forget they are a family, dammit.) 
It is a shame that the writing is so compromised on this show -- because there are so many other very, very good elements to this series (actors, sets, design, production, etc.).


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