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S01.E05: Darkside Tango

Message added by tessaray,

Note: Any references to future episodes or the classic anime should use Spoiler tags.

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I can at least say this about The Syndicate, they're an equal opportunity employer, people of all races and women everywhere from low level enforcers to bosses. Other then that I continue to find everything with Julia and Vicious to be extremely uninteresting.

I love that they kept the western themed bounty hunter show, its a absolute delight. Spike and Fay bonding was cute, its probably the most John Cho has felt alive in this show so far since the first episode. Jet's backstory went hard on the noir, some of it was a bit too one the nose but I liked seeing more of his story, although I'm pretty sure everyone and their corgi saw that it was his partner that screwed him over. Poor guy just had a lousy time of it all around. 


Interesting that they kept a lot of his backstory just with some differences to make it even more depressing, but the death of his partner was played really differently. I preferred how the original was played, it felt more in line with the spirit of the show, more morally ambiguous and quietly tragic. 


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I rewatched this episode and noticed in the begining when they are watching Big Shot they show a leaderboard for criminals and also bounty hunters. Some of the names are Earl Terpsichore, clearly an homage to his wife V.T. from Heavy Metal Queen, and Cowboy Andy from Cowboy Funk. I like this little details. 

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Nine times out of ten it's always the supposed "helpful" partner to the lead that ends up being bad and that goes double when you cast Wade Williams of all people in that role.  Dude rarely plays someone who is on the up and up.  Sucks that Jet lost his only shot to clear his name, but at least he got some closure.  And Chalmers shows himself to have some good qualities by covering Jet for killing Fad.

Spike and Fay bonding was decent since I feel like it would hav been tiring if they kept butting heads.

The Vicious/Julia stuff got a little more interesting with this addition of Mao (Rachel House!!), but still kind of boring.  But maybe Julia figuring out that Spike/Fearless is still alive will be the shake up this particular storyline (and its characters) need.

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