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S01.E06: Always Do the Right Thing

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7 hours ago, KittyQ said:
  • Zeke's folks probably figured out some kind of transport, just not something so nice

i mean that truck Zeke's parents had did look a bit old - but it was working for them. I guess with that rig, they got the wheelchair in the back of the truck, picked up zeke, put him in the truck, then did it in reverse on the way out?

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I'm glad Rock Star Joe finally spilled the secret about his son to Jenny.  That scene was reasonably well done.  I agree with everyone that Amy will probably end up pregnant with Bobby's baby.  Joe lied to Jenny for quite a while, so that would have been the best time to confess what she did.  Next best timing will be in the hospital since she just had a near-death experience.   But of course, she will drag this out and we might get an uncomfortable triangle after Jenny's family situation implodes as well.

Rock Star Joe stalking Zeke on social media was extremely creepy.   But I did like their duet, though.

It was kinda funny/meta how Nurse Joe offered his son a red shirt or a blue shirt as options when he said he didn't like his green shirt.  

The hamster plotline was dumb and made no sense, but it did add some much needed humor into the show.  

Seeing the Uncle coming in to the Nurse apartment was interesting.  Hopefully, the Cop Joe version of the Uncle will face the music and come out of it better.  I'm assuming the Rock Star Joe version of the uncle was working security for him because he lost his job in the police force.

Binge-watching the show and knowing there are only 13 episodes is making it more palatable.  It's still not great, but it interests me enough for me to continue.

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