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S01.E13: Primal Desire -The Struggle for Trost, Part 9

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This is the final Trost episode. Our dear friend, Marco is gone. Characters with that name in anime should watch out.


On tonight's episode, Jean survives his encounter with malfunctioning equipment and a titan, with the help of Annie, Connie and Marco. The Rogue Titan doesn't just carry a boulder and plug the hole, its smashes it into the wall. Humanity earns it's first win. Eren wakes up in prison and still states his intention to join the Scouts. He really is a shonen lead after all.


Note, it was gross to see that wad of chewed humans. Ugh.


Next episode? Spoiler alert,

its a veiled clip show.

If memory serves...

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Reposting from my thread . . .


Good News: The plan worked! Armin schlepped the boulder to the hole, and all Titans were dispatched. Bad News: Over 200 soldiers dead and missing, no celebrations because of the casualties, and Armin is in chains in a dungeon because he's a freak. Also, we get to see what a Titan hairball looks like. "Disgusting" is the correct answer.


Way too many characters for me to keep track of. Aside from the lead trio, Pixis and Levi, who should I be focused on?


ETA: In regards to the spoiler . . . according to Wikipedia,

we won't be getting the recap episode.


ETA2: It's Eren, not Armin. My bad. Y'all know who I meant, right?

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We've seen previously that the city merchants have no shame, so maybe they could re-brand the Titan vomit as ambergris and make perfume from it. They'd make a fortune!


Now that the hole is plugged up, I hope there's a plan to prevent more holes from getting knocked in the wall.


How many times has Eren announced that he wants to KILL ALL TITANS? A few dozen times per episode? And yet the military still feels the need to ask him what his intentions are.

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It was a nice touch having the food-obsessed Sasha involved in cleaning up the Titan hairball.

I'm glad the authorities also had the idea that the Colossal and Armored Titans might be humans too. Now the only question is - are they humans that are aware of what they're doing? The Colossal, at least, seems to show up in a somewhat predictable pattern.

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