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S01.E08: The Perfect Conditions for Disaster

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After an unexpected snowstorm leaves Greylock stranded with no plows, Sarah and the town come up with a creative plan to clear the roads; during the storm, Sarah gets two unexpected guests and tries to figure out how to navigate both circumstances.


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What bothered me the most was how almost NONE of these people were dressed as if they were in the middle of the biggest snowstorm since the 70s, like Sarah claimed. With no power running in the town due to the storm, they still were dressed as if it was just mildly chilly in their places. And, in Danny's case, it was as if it was 90 degrees and not SO COLD WHERE YOU'D DEFINITELY NEED TO BE BUNDLED UP IN A COAT after hours of the power being out.

Corrine/Danny are not appealing to me because they're both in relationships and are now supposedly super in love. Cheating ain't cool, show! You just had AJ have to face some repercussions for her affair with Bella's mother and now you're having Danny act like he forgot that he has a fiancee (he literally only mentioned her ONCE) and Corrine fine with declaring her love for Danny (although at least SHE seems to be somewhat remorseful). They're the ones I'm supposed to be rooting for? I'm sensing mixed messages with this show.

Sarah and her new beau? Could not care less about. I'm just waiting for his departure because he's definitely not a more than one season type of character.

Sarah's stuff with her dad is way more intriguing. I wish she had just gotten stuck with him during the storm and have them talk things out.

I feel bad for Bella. I'm also super glad she's back.

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I always wonder about the writers of shows that frame a snowstorm as a cozy, romantic experience. They must all come from California.

If you've ever lived through the kind of weather they said this was-- totally iced over, no power, snow that rivals the blizzard of 78-- it's not fun. It's cold, dark, dank, and scary. 

You also have no emergency services, because even ambulances can't operate and you can't even reach 911 for advice when the phones don't work. You are cut off from communication. You don't know how long it will last.

We had a storm here several years ago where even the radio stations mostly didn't have power and the one that had a generator was broadcasting people calling in to find out if their relatives were alive. I'm not kidding. Typically, when it gets that bad, the National Guard will come to dig people out and restore power. It definitely doesn't end the next day. It can be several days to a week for electricity and other normal conditions to be restored. Inevitably, there are deaths, from hypothermia or other catastrophes.


It's just weird that it's such a TV/movie trope that a snowstorm is a time for romance. 

But I guess it's like the political oversimplifications, where they wrote a constitution in a few days and everyone was happy with it.




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Bleh the whole insta love with Sarah and Weston brought this episode and show down for me.  There was no need to throw that at the audience the writers had a good thing with Grover and Sarah's angst and development. Not the right choice for a show that's struggling in the ratings. I did like the character moments this ep thou. Sarah and her dad felt realistic. The whole AJ and Bella scenes even though painful necessary that Bella knew the truth though. Didn't expect AJ to out herself like that, shocking. The best part of the episode was definitely Danny and Corinne. Their scenes were angsty but beautiful. I can't help but root for them. 

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