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The Me You Can't See

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I'm glad that they put this together.

It's a shame that people love "Celebrities Are Just Like Us" moments when it comes to things like going to the supermarket or getting coffee, but when any of them reveal struggles with depression/anxiety, etc, these same people scoff and snap, "Get over it! What do you have to be depressed about?!" Even Harry losing his mother at such a young age doesn't inspire much sympathy from some jerks--"I lost my mother too, get over it!"

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I haven't seen this in full yet, but the excerpts they released from Harry were pretty profound. Even rich people and other celebrities suffer from mental health issues; we are really all the same under the surface

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On 5/27/2021 at 1:10 PM, DanaK said:

Even rich people and other celebrities suffer from mental health issues;

Exacerbated no doubt by public scrutiny even in your worst moments and by the way every one and his uncle feels that they can psycho-analyze you based on what little they know about you.  That happens to all of us to some extent I'm sure (everyone has an opinion) but made far worse by being in the public eye.  Especially when you are being told "you're rich, what's your problem?"

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