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Minister Deitrick Haddon: Too Cool for the Pulpit

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  • 2 weeks later...

I read somewhere that he's looking for his biological father and it will be featured this season.....Somebody said it was mentioned in the commercials coming up for the new season, but I must've missed that...


This could get "interesting" and shed some light on some "thangs"....

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Wait then, who is that man that came, with his mother, to his wedding? Dietrick referred to him as his father.

Some people call a step-parent mom or dad if they've been the one to raise them. So maybe Dietrick's bio-dad has never been in his life and he thinks of his step-father as dad?

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  • 1 month later...

Okay. Watching the preview for next week's show had me feeling some kind of way.  Okay, Deitrick was not raised by his biological father.  He wants to know more about the man and his parents didn't seem too bothered since they spoke of Deitrick being just like his father.  But his sister popping off at Dominique for supposedly "putting the idea in his head"?  I hope Deitrick doesn't let his wife get attacked like that especially since she probably had nothing to do with the whole situation!  Dominique was sitting there with her babies looking shocked as his sister went off on her.

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