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  1. But see, My dad woulda told Georgie that not only did he have to pay the cable bill, he would also be responsible for a portion of the ELECTRIC bill that supplies the power to the tv, (since Georgie wants to "pay bills" now), and he would also have to purchase his OWN dam tv to watch his cable on as well... I was REALLY glad that Dr. Sturgis didn't leap off the roof...I sat in front of my TV STUNNED while Mee-Maw talked him down...(Annie Potts is SO good!!)..sooooo glad she did...He seems like just a "sweet soul" who's been left out in the dust, and nobody cared.... Like Shelly.....The ending was indeed SU-FRIGGIN-PERB!!!! Loved seeing his "future friends", coming down the pike... But I'm still "braced" for the next season when: I'm not gonna say it here, cuz it's not allowed.... Just gonna have some kleenex on hand....
  2. GrtGzu

    S02.E07: Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon

    Heck, all I could do was stay glued to those chicken "wangs" and ranch sauce that George was chowin' down on.... God, it looked so dam good, I almost went into the kitchen looking for something to eat.....(found pint of pineapple sherbet) I'll have to watch this eppie again, to actually LISTEN to the dialogue....
  3. GrtGzu

    Media: Meemaw Says

    I just got done reading the recaps from the Daily Mail (didn't really realize it was from the UK) because I haven't seen the show yet, and I was FLOORED at the comments people left, talking about how awful the show is, and how the acting is terrible...They even trashed the cute little guy who plays the lead..... Don't these people have any sense of humor? Go here and scroll down to see the comments..... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5559635/Young-Sheldon-recap-Jason-Alexander-guest-stars-Sheldon-rebels-losing-science-fair.html
  4. GrtGzu

    S10.E17: The Comic-Con Conundrum

    still don't understand what Raj does with his paycheck though...
  5. GrtGzu

    S10.E16: The Allowance Evaporation

    Who's money did Raj use to buy the 3-d printer he split with Howard? And that time machine all 3 of them went in on? and that HUGE desk when he shared an office with Sheldon?
  6. GrtGzu

    Mom in the Media

    Anna Faris put on "do not adopt" list
  7. GrtGzu

    The Haves And The Have Nots

    I don't think Wyatt is dead.......Dude who plays him says he will be taping clean into 2017. This eppy moved slow as molasses......Expected more.......too much Hannah "talkin' loud and sayin' nothin'."... Expected a LOT more with Ronnie and David...... No Candy, No War - screw Oscar, and Landon bores the snot outta me...... FF'd thru some of Jeff and stupid racist cop....but glad Jeff's got some Balls O'Fire now.....they finally descended!! You better fix this REAL DAM GOOD Tyler, or I'mma find out where yo' house is and come beat the goat snot outta you for this.......
  8. GrtGzu

    Season 3 Discussion

    Is Roscoe going to sleep in the closet again when he comes to visit since Violet's moved back in? Linda Lavin was absolutely PRICELESS!! Need to see more of her....
  9. GrtGzu

    The Haves And The Have Nots

    What got me is that when Maggie saw the guy with a gun staring back at her, why didn't she quickly shut the dam door and start running?? Dumbass....I hope she's toast... Why does the social worker still look like SideShow Bob and still wearing the same clothes she got her ass kicked in? How did Jim get Ronnie's wig? The mean cop matron bitch said she didn't know what happened to it.....Guess that was a lie...and why would Jim want it anyway? Can't none of these women fight in these shows.....Shoulda seen some hair flyin' around and some MO' blood on the floor betwixt Hanna and Candy..... And I still think Erica is connected to War (who names their kid Warlock anyway?) in a lot more ways than what happened to her sister..... Hope Wyatt is dead....adds nothing to the show really......
  10. GrtGzu

    Pawn Stars

    might now be known as "Con Star"......
  11. GrtGzu

    The Haves And The Have Nots

    That place Wyatt is at is only temporary....'member when the guy he's trying to buy the house from said he has to wait until the papers are done and some other crap about when it will actually "close" so in the meantime, Wyatt took a lease out on the place he's at now.....
  12. GrtGzu

    The Haves And The Have Nots

    I KNEW I recognized her from somewhere - I remember her from GH!!! Nobody's gonna fuck with her cuz her son is a cop.....'member HIM?
  13. GrtGzu

    The Haves And The Have Nots

    LOLOL!!!! I'm trying to hold out hope for this show.....
  14. GrtGzu

    The Haves And The Have Nots

    Why do I get the feeling that Maggie's NOT gonna take that Morning After pill? And WHY do I see another catfight in my crystal ball with her and Ronnie? Why didn't Hanna just call 911 to get the boy to the hospital from the motel in the first place? What kind of hospital doesn't let the guardian know what meds her grandson is taking the FIRST time he was taken there? Don't they have medical records? Will Benny beat the livin' goat snot outta Wyatt? What will happen when Kat gets home and finds out he's got his loot and gone? Kinda tired of watching Wyatt act like Ferris Bueller on his day off.....and when is Jeffrey going to change into some CLEAN ASS clothes? How old is Quincy's sister - TWO? She sounds like it and acts like it..... I expected MORE from this episode....Guess I'll have to wait til next week now.....
  15. Well, did you hear about this?