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S03.E11: The Bigger Picture

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When a college scout comes to talk to Spencer, he must decide if the strings attached is worth it. Billy realizes that the recruiting game has changed and has an idea on how to help his players. A police shooting of a young black woman hits to close to home for Olivia, leaving her to take drastic measures to get justice. Jordan is struggling with everything going on, so Spencer, Asher and JJ try to help him out. Layla is inspired by Coop when Coop does something selfless and for a good cause. Meanwhile, Grace learns something about Principal Carter that shows him in a different light.

Airdate: 04/26/2021

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Layla seems in a different world, is the actress in her own bubble for a reason? Glad she got the one interaction with Olivia. Coop also was in her own world with Layla and got to interact at the meetup over Tamika.

Olivia stealing evidence from DA mothers laptop was not smart and Laura having such an easy hacking laptop and not even password protected files is really dumb.

Jordan's wife that was all about exerting her power as the wife trumping parents is now MIA for weeks? 

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The thing with the laptop almost took me out of the scene!  The district attorney just leaves important evidence (labeled as such even) on a laptop for which she either shared the password with family members or has a password that is super-easy to guess?  I know she never would have expected Olivia to do this, but shouldn't Laura at least have protections in place in case the laptop were stolen? 

It's good that Layla reached out to Olivia and that Coop made the video for Spencer (even though she still thinks the friendship is over) so that maybe they can seem more like part of the actual show again.  I think their isolation was just the result of each having a falling-out with the main character, so hopefully temporary.  I thought after Layla's words to Olivia that Olivia was just going to make a passionate speech on the podcast but realize she couldn't hack into evidence (after Layla talked about not being consumed by guilt and doing something positive).  She didn't listen to her or to Joy.  I like Joy, and it was cute when she wanted details about Olivia and Spencer.

I like the made-up colleges they bring into the show when they want to show something bad about the recruiting process without getting in trouble.  I don't think Spencer will be going to TNT.  It's interesting how the guy from there seemed to confirm that Billy really did beat up Principal Carter.  Was Billy drunk at the time or something?  I figured Grace would get involved with Principal Carter as soon as she referred to her break-up in the season premiere, but I laughed at the Potential Love Interest music that played when he came to pick up his daughter.  I think his daughter might have been somewhat mortified to have that "talk" with her dad  (though it's necessary) rather than tell everyone how cool he was afterwards, but he seems like a good dad.

At least Jordan apologized to J.J. for being a jerk when he was moping around.  He'll probably somehow recover in time to play in the playoffs at some point, though who knows if that's this season.  I know they usually have 16 episodes, but it's hard to tell how many there are when they keep going into repeats and have at least one episode planned for mid-June!

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I feel like TNT guy is the one who actually beat up Principal Carter but somehow pinned it on Billy.  They didn’t bring up TNT’s wayward past for nothing.

And OF COURSE Principal Carter has a power point on the menstrual cycle.

Olivia is such a teenager, acting on impulse and not thinking of the consequences.  She’s not going to be the white DA’s daughter much longer, when Laura gets canned.

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