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Summer Feels So Far Away: Anticipation For The Summer I Turned Pretty

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The Summer I Turned Pretty is an  eight episode TV Series coming to Prime Video on June 17, 2022  The TV series is based on YA novel series Trilogy from Jenny Han. The books include The Summer I Turned Pretty (2009); It's Not Summer Without You (2010); We'll Always Have Summer (2011). Another Jenny Han YA novel series "All the Boys" was turned into 3 "All the Boys" movies on Netflix, which spawned a XO Kitty sequel TV Series in production at Netflix.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a multigenerational drama that hinges on a love triangle between one girl and two brothers, the ever-evolving relationship between mothers and their children, and the enduring power of strong female friendship. It is a coming-of-age story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of that one perfect summer.

Isabel always spends her summers at her Cousin’s Beach with her mother and older brother, along with her mother’s lifelong best friend and her sons.

Lola Tung plays Isabel “Belly” Conklin, who used to be gawky and awkward, but this summer she turns 16 and she is starting to turn heads-and it’s taking some getting used to.

Sean Kaufman plays Steven Conklin, handsome, a little vain, and a high achiever. Steven is Belly’s snarky older brother who is becoming his own man.

Jackie Chung plays Laurel Conklin, Belly’s mom, a novelist with a wry sense of humor and an aversion to technology. Since her divorce a year ago, Laurel has been stressed and unfocused, which is affecting her writing for the first time in her career.

Laurel    Susannah       Episode 1    

Rachel Blanchard plays Susannah Fisher, a warm-hearted, free-spirit. Susannah is Laurel’s best friend who hosts the two families every summer in her luxurious beach town home.

Tom Everett Scott plays Adam Fisher. Type-A personality who is a competitive, charismatic, workaholic finance guy, who thinks that money solves everything. He is married to Susannah Fisher.

Christopher Briney plays Conrad Fisher, the boy Belly has loved since forever. The boy who never even looked in her direction is finally starting to pay attention to her. It’s exhilarating to suddenly be an object of desire, but it’s also scary. Conrad is a straight-A student and a star athlete. Conrad has always been responsible and serious — and the boy that Belly has yearned for her whole life. Belly arrives at his family’s summer house to discover that Conrad has become moody and distant  — something has changed in him, but he’s not saying what.

Jeremiah    Conrad   Belly    Steven 

Gavin Casalegno plays Jeremiah, a popular, athletic, playful and easygoing character who is the life of the party, incredibly magnetic and flirts with everyone.

Minnie Mills plays Shayla. A city girl from a wealthy family, Shayla is Belly’s fellow debutante. She is confident, cool, and loves fashion.

Alfredo Narciso plays Cleveland. A commercially successful yet scruffy novelist spending the summer working on a new book. The kind of Brooklynite who bakes his own sourdough bread.

Summer Madison plays Nicole, a pretty girl in a Red Sox cap and cut-offs who has eyes on all the cute boys in town.

David Iacono plays Cam. Straight edged, cute, and book smart. Cam is a local boy with a skater look and a sweet personality. Even his awkward side is endearing.

Rain Spencer plays Taylor. Super confident, pretty and knows it. A queen bee who is a bit shallow and “boy crazy”, terrifying to her enemies but fiercely loyal to her oldest friend, Belly.

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