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Eva: She Just Wants To Be Loved

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I think there was a certain kind of sense in her decision to give away Rose.  Everyone was commenting that the baby was obviously white and not Elam's, and even being Irish at that time in history, she would still have a better life being raised in a respectable white family in New York than she could ever hope for with a mother who was a known whore and a father/stepfather who was half-black.  That's not even taking into account that she had recently been kidnapped because she was being raised in a dirty tent and that cholera had just wiped out a good portion of the camp.


It was a hard choice but Eva clearly believed it was the right one.  Unfortunately now she's paying for it.

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I think Eva made the right decision giving the baby away, for all the reasons outlined above.  She might be paying the price for it, but I hope she can realize at some point that she did what was best for her daughter, regardless of what Elam says.  I can understand him being angry and hurt, but it was telling to me that his default language was calling her a "whore."  He might love her, but he still believes that that's what she really is.  I was actually hoping that she'd get on the train with the baby, but I can understand why she wanted to stay for Elam.

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I saw the woman's tattoo in this photo and thought of Eva.  It's exactly the same markings; wonder if the explanations here are reflective of Eva's.  The tribe views it as a normal part of life, to ensure an afterlife, while the white girls thought they were to mark them as slaves.

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