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  1. KM's Abby punched Gabi and Juliette.
  2. Ouch! I wonder if Gwen is going to punch her back? LOL
  3. Another stand out episode for Marci Miller.
  4. Julie sounded so ridiculous blaming Gabi for stealing the twins.🙄 I'm loving this fierce Abigail. Hope she stick around.
  5. The story sucks, but I'm loving Marci Miller! The way she tore into Gwen literally had me on the edge of my seat! Kudos!
  6. LOL! Really? Compared to whom? Marlena who's been possessed, kidnapped, brainwashed, and had amnesia too many times to count. And when Hope wasn't being raped, and having brain chips implanted in her head, she was running around the country with Bo constantly putting her life in danger. A real epitome of stability. Compared to what those two gals been through, Abigail would be considered normal. And they're considered heroines.
  7. Anna and Abby were searching in Gwen's room, and Anna found the file between the pages of one of Gwen's magazines. Later, after telling Jack her suspension, she must have showed the file to Jack of camera.
  8. When he ticked off the reasons why he thought she was cheating I rolled my eyes. Gabi is going to relish rubbing this in his face. lol. Ron really don't like this guy.
  9. I agree, they’re not even trying to make this stupid story work.
  10. Someone posted on twitter that Cady tweeted she had a cold when those scenes were taped. So, I'm assuming she felt more comfortable doing that scene with her husband. That was nice of her to consider Matt's feelings.
  11. Well, it isn't like this hasn't happened before. The same thing happen when they were living in Paris. LOL What's going to really make Chad look bad is that he's been running around accusing his wife of cheating, and he'll literally get caught with his own pants down. With a woman who has played him from day one. Ron really love writing Chad stupid. lol
  12. I guess the only way to keep Billy alive and present is to keep him in scenes with Marci. LOL. Chad couldn't have looked more bored in those prison scenes.
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