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  1. Drake's constant whispering is so annoying.
  2. Well, we'll see where it goes, but so far I'm throughly enjoying him. 🙂
  3. I disagree, the guy has held his own in all the scenes he's been in. Sometimes it takes a while for a new actor to get his footing, but this guy has came out of the gate running. I'm throughly enjoying him.
  4. Actually, I think Johnny is one of the most stronger younger actor that this show has hire in a long time. Under Ron's writing it might not last. Let's hope the acting can overcome the writing. lol
  5. Gabi use to be a fun character to watch. Now she's just childish and petty all the time. Funny thing is I was really enjoying her and Abby scenes teaming up to go after Gwen. Since then she's been boring. Maybe if Sonny and Will return it'll give her something else to focus on other than having sex all the time with her sleazy boyfriend.
  6. Enough with the loud kissing! Good grief! It's pretty clear the writers don't know what to do with Jack's character without Jennifer. Poor Matt.
  7. I agree. This show will continue to be the Sonny, Jason, and Carly hour. It doesn't matter what fan favorite show up. Good to see Charles getting a paycheck, though.
  8. I wonder if Ron is testing EJ/Belle.This is the kind of stuff Ron loves.
  9. Maybe she was still a tad bit upset with him for shooting her husband in cold blood and leaving him to die. And let's not forget what he did to Sami.
  10. I wished the writers would have hooked up Justin with Valerie. I think that could have been interesting. It was a shame she was wasted on Abe. And also, maybe we could have been spared that train wreck that is Bonnie Lockhart.
  11. Ron is about as subtle as a wreaking ball with this animosity between EJ and Chad. When EJ and Sami implode he's going to have EJ become conflict between Chad and Abigail.
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