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S22.E04: Michael

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Michael moved to Las Vegas to work with the world-famous hip-hop dance troupe "Jabbawockeez," but years of family betrayal caught up with him and after turning to meth, he's lost everything.

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12 minutes ago, tvfanatic13 said:

Wasn’t this on last week?


Yes. I didn’t see an episode thread so I made one. 

Michael has lived an amazing life up until the drugs.  Very talented guy to make it as far as he did at such a young age.  Even his hustle to make money after losing everything was pretty genius. Not everyone can make that type of hustle work. 

I knew there had to be more behind him turning to meth than finding out a couple of people he looked up to had affairs. Suffering from mental and physical abuse as a child is no joke.  That said, I still feel like a lot was left out about his history, especially as a child and even with the Navy, where he was discharged rather than “served X amount of years” then got out. 

I will say he didn’t seem in that bad of shape. Though homeless he always looked clean and found  a nice place to stay. He wasn’t sickly thin with sores all over his face and arms, or acting like he’d lost all sanity due to the drug use. According to the episode he’s been addicted for at least 3-4 years. I’m surprised he’s been holding up so well (at least physically) for so long. Perhaps  meth isn’t his main drug of choice, but was presented as such in the episode?

Anyway, I knew he’d get help. He never came off as wanting to get high more than wanting to get back on track, but maybe that was just his approachable personality. He looked great in rehab. I hope he can maintain his sobriety. 

Speaking of rehab, I didn’t know Ken has a rehab center. Good for him. 


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Ah, I was hoping we would get a glimpse of Ken at his rehab center. 

This intervention almost seemed to easy. There was no question that Michael was ready for help and would jump on it, and his Navy buddies seemed totally cool and supportive, as did his fiance and her mom. My question is why did it take 3 years to get him into treatment?! 

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