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Your dream post-pandemic concert.

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The pandemic has had a devastating effect on a lot of things, one of them being people gathering for live music performances. If money, access to tickets, travel etc. were no limitation, what individual or group would you most want to see after post-covid?

Personally, I'm leaning toward Kendrick Lamar.

Or (to head in a totally different direction) a Metropolitan Opera production of Mozart's Don Giovanni. (That dude is one of the best fictional characters in any art form.)


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I had tickets to see Sturgill Simpson this past March.  I'd love to see him.  

I also had tickets to see John Prine in June.  Alas...

I'd also love to see Jon Batiste.  He's been through town twice recently and I couldn't make it to either show. 

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3 hours ago, janie jones said:

Lord Huron is the only band currently in existence that my husband and I agree on*, so I'd like to be able to get him to go to a concert with me for once.

*I mean, other than the ones we agree we hate.

I've actually never even heard of Lord Huron - until TCM Remembers used "'Til The Night Is Over" for the 2018 In Memoriam. Thought it was actually an obscure Jackson Browne song, as that is who it sounded like and discovered Lord Huron then.

Really did like that song. It's haunting.

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My sister likes Lord Huron. She's played me a few of their songs, they're not bad :). There was one song of theirs she played once that I particularly liked, but I'd have to look up what the title of it is. 

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