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S01.E06: Joie de Vivre

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9 hours ago, meatball77 said:

OMG, the gay sex scene. . . . .

There is so much plot stuffed into these episodes.  The show is much better when you look at it as a comedy.

Thats so awesome,  I am going to watch it as a black comedy from now on.  I got sucked in but the show is truly terrible!  Terrible cliched dialog, awful acting, bad incoherent plotting and overall absurd plot line.  The stereotypical evil parents should be a joke,  no redeeming characters anywhere.  And yet I watch it!  And will watch until the end.   

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Oh, good, so we've moved on to more cliche storylines like Bette gets roped into having dinner with a townie who has an old school mom aka cooks sauce and loves her son (how long before this leads to Bette realizing that she actually enjoys eating and then develops an eating disorder?). How does Bette think that Matteo owes her something? He's the one who locked June and Nabil on the roof so she could steal the lead in Ripper. He's the one who gave her free drugs. How does she think that he owes her anything because she deigned to have dinner at his house? Ugh, she's so much to take. And he told her that the vicodin he gave her was left over from his brother's back surgery, so where does she think he's going to get more? I mean, if it's soooo easy to score vicodin, get it yourself, Bette!

And of course the entire music video scenario cliche (which was worth it just for Tiler Peck!) where everyone is dying to get a part and then the one person who had to be talked into it gets cast and then gets a talking to about how he needs to feeeeeeeeel.

I was hoping that Shane and his hookup would see each other some more. He deserves to be with someone who is comfortable with himself (unlike, say, Oren who can't admit that he likes Shane). But it seemed ridiculous that Fake Jason accused Shane of lying about being a professional dancer (as opposed to a ballet student). Shane said he was called the F word when he was a kid because he was a ballet dancer. That's it. He wasn't lying or exaggerating.

Caleb wouldn't use his relationship with Monique to get assigned a new roommate after hating Nabil's very existence but now he's complaining because Monique didn't force Sienna to cast him in her video? Okay then. As Monique pointed out, there was really nothing she could do. Sienna held the auditions on her own and picked who she wanted. Monique wasn't even there.

The most surprising thing in this episode was that Bette chose to break up with Oren. I thought she would hang on to that relationship like grim death no matter what.

I couldn't believe that Isabel was conducting secret interviews with the students in the shoe closet. I mean, of all the unbelievable things on this show, this was one of the most ludicrous.

I totally cracked up at June slowly counting her $1 tips. To quote Donna Meagle, "Maybe math isn't your jam." But I was disappointed when June got assaulted by that guy in the pool. I hate when guys end up being as gross as I expected.

When Monique was correcting June's technique and talking about using her body to push back and take control of her life, I honestly couldn't tell if she was telling June to stand up for herself with guys like that or to prostitute herself. I was not at all surprised that it turned out to be the latter and that Monique was the one who had an arrangement with the Michi Club owner. She just gets grosser in every episode.

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It seems really weird in retrospect that they introduced Bette's salt of the earth nice guy love interest starting a fight with her and her friends and throwing homophobic slurs at the guys for being dancers. That was him right, a lot of this show kind of blurs together into some big bag of melodrama and ridiculousness. Also, if his family is from Chicago and has lived there forever, why did his mom have a Jersey accent? 

Sha wasn't wrong about the cop who is obsessed and projecting about Cassie, its really getting ridiculous how much time she is spending on a case which is already closed and the victim isn't even dead. I might somewhat understand her wanting to pursue justice even when no one seems to want her to, but she is also pretty much harassing a bunch of teenagers for information, which is all kinds of illegal. All any of the students should say when she shows up is "please contact my parent or guardian or a lawyer" and you would think Madam would tell them that. 

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