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S01.E08: Relevé

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No thre photographer dance teacher has a moral compass.


that monologue to Shane explaining how he dare not even be friendly to him was well written, truthful and touching. An interesting choice against the backdrop of the cliched (AND TOTALLY FALSE) plot point of girls being pimped  out to board members AGAIN. Who writes this stuff?


honestly TV writers. This. Does. Not. Happen. I’m willing to believe there are some lecherous board members. Willing to believe they hire dancers as waitresses. And that until #MeToo off color remarks were made.

and that would be IT especially if they are literally underage. With this and flesh &bone it’s become a total cliche.


watchinf queens gambit it was so refreshing that the people in the orphanage were deluded and strict but not actually deliberately abusive. That the people who adopted her the dad was a jerk but not a predator that mom had issues but wasn’t an evil stage mom. It made me realize how CLICHED these tropes are.


this cliche of the evil board and the pimping of dancers is just another. 

also as a journalist no way in Hell does someone write an expose and not call for comments before it comes out. They even did that with Harvey Weinstein  et and oreilly ffs. 

so who was in the posters? Caleb and Bette? 

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The photo shoot totally cracked me up. You get two shots. This guy gets exactly one shot. BYE.

I knew that Cassie would have a miraculous recovery but I thought it wouldn't happen until the final episode of the season.

On 12/28/2020 at 11:38 PM, lucindabelle said:

so who was in the posters? Caleb and Bette? 

Yes, it was Caleb and Bette. I was actually wondering if we had seen Caleb dance at all this season because although I very specifically recall seeing Neveah, Bette, June, Delia, Shane, Oren, and Nabil dance I couldn't recall seeing Caleb dance. The picture that Monique chose for the posters was ridiculous. That was one of the least flattering dance pictures I have seen in a while so that should have been a sign to everyone that something fishy has been going on with Monique and Caleb!

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I thought that Cassie waking up would be the big twist of the season finale, so I am surprised that they actually woke her up now, so presumably she can shed some light on what happened. Of course it will probably turn out that she didn't see who pushed her so we can keep this mystery going for at least one more episode. 

All this stuff with the ballerinas being pimped out to creepy old men was basically the same plot as an episode of Law and Order SVU except that episode pulled off the impressive feat of being even more stupid than this show. 

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