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Door County Cherry

S01.E06: Hebrews 9:15

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Airs 11/2/20


Ginger tries to use the tape of her kidnapping to bring down the men of 18:22; Margaret searches for a new factory for her perfume line; Eric receives a mysterious gift. 


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Very interesting that the "hit" man is now turning on the power group.  Not sure what Monroe's plan is but I think Margaret is really suffering from the repercussions of the nefarious actions of Monroe and his group.

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Basically every episode it seems that Ginger is ready to work with Margaret then something happens (sometimes Margaret's fault, usually very much not) and Ginger decides that Margaret is the devil and then loop around for the next episode. It bugs me that out of this no one really goes after Eugene. The mothers should. The kids definitely. But no one talks really about how they are all in this because of him.


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