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S01.E07: Iron River, Michigan

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Even though it was kinda, sorta, accurate-ish that KMT's character took over that girl's life, it really rubbed me wrong that two white girls were accusing her of it and being horrible to her on her wedding day. I hope I understood the end that she nope'd out of taking missing friend's place because I was all right on girl! Go live your best life away from all of these people. 

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On 10/18/2020 at 12:01 PM, Black Knight said:

What did Elena write on her chalkboard at the end?

I think it said please. 

While it is rather messed up that Lauren slipped into her dead friends life so easily, marrying her boyfriend, becoming her mothers surrogate daughter, and even changing her hair to look more like Elena's, I cant really blame her for wanting to escape her crappy life with her crappy mom. The friend with the straight hair and Laurens mom were horrible, I wish they would take a stumble into the forbidden forest. The friend of Elena's seemed less upset about someone seemingly taking over her friends life as much as she is a grown up mean girl still salty about her friend wanting to hang out with the "weird emo" girl.  

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The bit about the witch in the forest was so random that I wondered if this story was a modern adaptation of some old story/fable/folklore tale/whatever. It really felt like that once they got to that point.

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